Sexy underwear self -defense video

Sexy underwear self -defense video

What is sexy underwear self -defense?

Self -defense of sexy underwear refers to the skills and methods of self -protection and self -defense of women using underwear in danger.These techniques and methods can not only help women protect themselves, but also effectively improve women’s self -confidence and self -defense ability.

The significance of sexy underwear self -defense video

Fun underwear self -defense videos can teach women’s self -defense techniques and methods to women with the help of visual and sound to make them more intuitively understand and master how to use underwear self -defense quickly and accurately under emergencies.

Which sexy underwear is suitable for self -defense?

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Self -defense of sexy underwear mainly uses sexy underwear, suspended underwear, low -cut underwear, etc., which can expose skin and fixing the body.These underwear can be used to attack and defend by tearing and binding.

Skills and methods for self -defense of sexy underwear

1. Grab: When the attacker tries to hold the woman’s throat, women can use their underwear bands or straps to quickly grab the attacker to release them.

2. Fan Fight: When the attacker shot on the face of women, women can use the facial fan of some fans that are loosened by underwear.

3. Bringing: When the attacker’s hands, feet and other parts are fixed, women can use underwear to tie the attackers ‘wrists, ankles and other joint parts to create pain and restrict the attackers’ actions.

Precautions for Self -defense of sexy underwear

Women need to pay attention to protecting themselves when trying to use sexy underwear for self -defense.Some precautions are as follows:

1. Try to avoid using thick underwear. These underwear is not only easy to tear, but also limits the flexibility of the body.

2. Do not irritate the attacker without necessary, which will increase your risk factor.

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3. When trying to self -defense of sexy underwear, make sure you are in a safe place to avoid getting into a dangerous situation.

How to learn sexy underwear self -defense?

To learn sexy underwear self -defense, you must first understand physical knowledge related to your own posture.You can learn at professional sexy underwear self -defense training institutions, or you can learn through watching sex underwear self -defense education videos.

Sex underwear self -defense application scenarios

Self -defense of sexy underwear is suitable for women’s self -defense in various emergency dangers.For example, in danger of robbery, attack, sexual assault, women can use sexy lingerie self -defense skills to counterattack and defense.

Sexual underwear self -defense market prospects

With the improvement of women’s self -protection awareness, the market -style self -defense market will attract more and more attention.At present, many sexy underwear self -defense education institutions and sexy underwear self -defense product companies have appeared at home and abroad. The future market prospects are very broad.


Although sexy underwear self -defense is a relatively novel concept, for modern women, mastering the self -defense skills and methods of sexy underwear is of great significance to self -defense.If women can take the initiative to understand and master the knowledge of self -defense of sexy underwear, and improve their awareness of safety and self -defense, they can better protect their own safety.