Sexy underwear shop near Chongqing North Station

Sexy underwear shop near Chongqing North Station

Sexy underwear shop near Chongqing North Station

In recent years, the market demand of sexy underwear has gradually increased, and sexy underwear stores in various places have also increased.If you are a sexy underwear fan and accidentally shopping near Chongqing North Station, then you may wish to go to the nearby sexy underwear shop.The following are some introductions about the sexy underwear store near Chongqing North Station.

1. Zhiying sexy underwear shop -small and fine

Zhiying Fun Lingerie Shop is located at No. 236 Huangshan Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing.Although this shop is small, the interior decoration is very attentive. The exquisite window shows a variety of style of sexy underwear with a strong European style.The store is full of diverse and diverse styles, and the displayed underwear has creative sexy covered clothes, charming suspenders vests, etc.The point is that the price is more close to the people than other sexy underwear stores.

2. Quota underwear store -big -name gathering

Rose Lace Chemise – Without Thong – 14279

The sexy underwear store is located at No. 1366, Jinkai Avenue, Yubei District. It is convenient for transportation. It is a bus station when going out.The decoration in the store is elegant and fashionable.The sexy underwear sold in the store includes underwear, pajamas, lace bra, etc., with a variety of styles and tones.In terms of price, it is slightly higher than the brand, but it will hold some activities and promotions to attract customers.

3. Carrot erotic underwear -another interest

Carrot erotic underwear shop is located at No. 1356, Jinkai Avenue. The store name is a bit interesting. According to the owner’s explanation, this is to express that the underwear is put on, which makes people feel as healthy and natural as chewing in the mouth.The beautiful decoration style of this store has attracted many female customers.The sexy underwear displayed in the store is stylish, bright, bright in color, very fashionable, and is especially suitable for young women.

4. Sexy underwear fashion workshop -full of artistic atmosphere

Interesting underwear Fashion Square is located at the south gate of Yunhui Hotel, Xinyuan, Hongye Street. This shop is known as the sex underwear museum near Chongqing North Station. The display in the store is very artistic, showing various fashion underwear.Shock.And the store has a professional sales consultant to provide customers with a professional and good service experience.

5. Silk Dream Sex Underwear -Preparing for Female Friends

Silk Dreamy Lingerie Shop is located in Kangzhuang International, Liangjiang New District. The store is designed with fashionable and generous. It also focuses on services. Through intimate and professional consultants, it provides support for female customers who need to seek theme pharmaceutical products due to applications and suggestions.All underwear uses high -quality, high -quality materials to make women more charming and sexy.

6. Teny -year -old sexy underwear shop -ten -year old shop

The ten -year -old -fashioned underwear shop located next to the hot spring hotel in Huangshan Avenue, Chongqing has a history of more than ten years. The shop is large. The variety of sexy underwear in the store covers the brands in many countries such as Japan, Europe, the United States, China.Low, deeply loved by young people.

Oil Shine

7. Honey Love Products Store -Fun underwear here

The honey love products store is located at No. 245 in the middle section of Huangshan Avenue, Yubei District. The first thing to enter the door is the main decoration style of the red tone and the best sexy underwear displayed.There is also a sexy underwear for couples in the store. The style is novel. The price is very powerful, which makes people feel worthwhile.

8. Diao Chan sex shop -sexy and elegant

Diao Chan Fun Store is located at No. 1355, Jinkai Avenue, Yubei District.The decoration of the store is full of exotic style, and fashion, sexy elegance is the characteristics of their products.There are diverse sexy underwear, sexy underwear, interesting, and sexy stockings.All underwear in the store is very skinny and soft. It uses high -quality fabrics, giving people a comfortable feeling.

9. Lily’s sexy underwear shop -details determine success or failure

Lili Fun underwear shop is located at 50 Hongye Road.This shop is not the size of the scale, but a high -quality and high service level.The material of the sex underwear is high -quality, the fabric is comfortable, and the details are very focused on each detail. Each underwear must be strictly controlled and inspected to ensure the quality.

10. Waiting for your sexy underwear shop -youthful fashion

Waiting for your sexy underwear shop to be located in Rong’an New District, No. 50, Hongye Road, Yubei District.The atmosphere in the store is young, fashionable and intuitive.The sexy lingerie has a variety of styles, from unruly to sweet and innocent, can be matched as you want to show your different sexy charm.


There are a large number of sexy underwear shops near Chongqing North Station and complete styles. Whether it is a high -end brand or a small shop, it has its own characteristics.You can find your favorite style and style of sexy underwear here.When choosing sexy underwear, you must choose your own style and size, and also pay attention to the quality and comfort of the underwear. It is the most important thing to buy sexy underwear suitable for you.