Sexy underwear steel

Sexy underwear steel

Fun underwear Steel Too: Sexy and Beauty

What is a sexy underwear steel holder?

Interesting underwear steel bracket refers to a kind of underwear made of special steel wires in the inner shell of the underwear cup.This underwear can effectively support the chest, making the chest look more upright and full, highlighting the sexy and charming of women.The addition of the steel tray makes the underwear cup more firm, stylish, and not easy to deform.

The advantages of sexy underwear steel brackets

Interesting underwear steel brackets are an upgraded version in underwear. Compared with ordinary underwear, they have the following advantages:

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It has a better support for the chest, making the chest shape more perfect.

It can make the wearer’s chest more upright and plump, exuding a stronger sexy atmosphere.

The material is superior, the texture is better, the dress is more comfortable and more advanced.

To prevent the occurrence of "fake chest", make the chest more real and natural.

Types of sexy underwear steel stroke

According to different designs, sexy underwear steel brackets can be divided into the following:

Full cup steel holder, completely wrapped in the chest.

Two -thirds of the cup of steel, the cup presses two -thirds of my chest.

Half -cup steel holder, only covered the upper half of the chest.

Sexy Lingerie

No trace steel tray, cup shells and shoulder straps without trace shows the perfect clothes lines.

Interesting underwear Steel Too Putting Precautions

Pay attention to the following points to wear sexy underwear steel brackets:

Before buying, you should be carefully tailor -made and refer to the brand’s size table to avoid excessive loosening after purchasing.

When you wear it, you must completely put the steel below the chest in order to have a better support effect.

Do not wear continuously for a long time, so as not to cause excessive compression of the chest and affect health.

Who is suitable for wearing sexy underwear steel strokes?

Interesting underwear steel brackets are not suitable for all women. The following women are more suitable for wearing steel trap underwear:

Women with drooping breasts can effectively improve their breasts.

Women who are not tall enough, steel bead can help shape the perfect breast type.

Wearing tall women can make the wearer more confident.

What are the sexy lingerie steel?

Selected brands recommend the following sexy underwear steel strokes:

Victoria’s Secret: From the United States, it is one of the world’s most famous sexy lingerie brands, and there are many classic steel brackets.

La Perla: It is based on Italy and is well -known worldwide with high quality and exquisite facial art.

Agent Provocateur: It comes from Britain and is known for its unique design and sexy style.

AUBADE: Derived from France and is well -known worldwide with elegant and noble design styles.

Nursing method of sexy underwear steel stroke

The sexy lingerie steel cup requires additional care. The following is the maintenance method:

Do not wash it with a drum washing machine and rub it gently in the toilet basin.

Do not use bleach, it may damage the underwear cup.

Do not dry it with a dryer, which is not conducive to the shape of the underwear.

It is best to use a towel or tissue to suck the water and dry it naturally.


Interesting underwear steel brackets are a good choice for modern women to pursue sexy and beautiful.Under the correct purchase, dressing and maintenance conditions, it can make women show the perfect self, showing confidence, sexy and charming.