Sexy underwear store recruitment requirement copywriting

Sexy underwear store recruitment requirement copywriting

Welcome to join the sex underwear shop

The increasingly popular sex underwear industry has become a symbol of many women’s photos and beauty.If you are enthusiastic about the sexy underwear industry and are willing to serve as a sales consultant in a professional sexy underwear store, we welcome you to join.

basic requirements

As a sales consultant of an excellent sexy underwear store, you need to have the following requirements:

Female priority consideration

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Have at least one year sales experience

Know the basic marketing skills

Have a certain understanding of sexy underwear

Good communication skills and service attitude

Skill requirements

In addition to the above basic requirements, we also hope that you have the following skills:

Professional suggestions can be given according to customer needs

Can accurately measure the customer size and help customers buy suitable sexy underwear

Be able to grasp the needs of customers and the reason for purchasing through the tension of language

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Deficiency does not affect the opportunity

In the recruitment of sexy underwear stores, we are committed to building a diverse workplace.We welcome everyone to challenge.If you have inferiority or incompleteness, this should not hinder your potential.We believe everyone can use their own advantages and become an excellent sales consultant.

training program

Before you become a sales consultant of a sexy underwear store, we will provide you with professional training programs so that you can get more sales knowledge and skills.Of course, this is a mutual process, and we look forward to you can also get more successful experience.

Working arrangements

Interest underwear stores need to provide sales services on working days, weekends and holidays.For specific work arrangements, we will arrange according to your ability and work experience.We attach importance to your work and life balance and will try our best to arrange the best working time.


The sex underwear store will make a reasonable salary plan based on your work experience, ability and working hours.In addition, we also have rich performance bonuses, sales commission and other benefits.

working environment

Interest underwear stores focus on building a comfortable and pleasant working environment. We expect you to play the best working ability in a great team and working atmosphere.We must not only provide the best working environment, but also let employees feel the warmth and humanized care of home.

how to apply

If you think you are an excellent sales consultant and enthusiasm for the sexy underwear industry, you are welcome to send your resume to our mailbox, and we will review your application as soon as possible.


The sexy underwear sales consultant is the core staff of the sex lingerie store. Their work is important to the company’s performance.Only a professional and passionate salesperson can win the trust and loyalty of consumers.We look forward to your joining.