Sexy underwear traffic police

Sexy underwear traffic police

Sexy underwear traffic police

Interest underwear is a stylish, sexy and playful underwear category. It is often regarded as a "creative canvas" with a private moment.However, not all sexy underwear can be worn in public, and some types of sexy underwear still need to be used in private occasions.Therefore, we need a "sexy underwear traffic police" to guide us how to be reasonable, decent, and wearing sexy underwear.

Sexy dilemma

At any time, wearing erotic underwear must have a degree.Although sexy underwear designers want everyone to enjoy their wildness and sexy, in fact, they are not suitable for all people and all occasions.Once you cross the boundary, your sexy will become a "mental pollution" and will have a bad impact on others’ lives and work.

Social feature analysis

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Interesting underwear is a special underwear category, which needs to be positioned in special social occasions such as private, tropical and feasts.It breaks the rules and taboos of traditional underwear, breaks through rigorous design and restrictions, and shows sexy and charm to the fullest.

Elemental assembly art

The design and elements of sexy underwear are very important.A large part of them is based on visual and fictional elements, which allows them to add texture, color, decoration and structure to some parts of underwear.That is to say, the additional elements of sexy underwear have gradually become an art. Their clever combination presents many novel aesthetic experiences in an unimaginable environment.

Return to real and life

Rather than saying that sexy underwear is pure artistic performance, it is better to say that they are closer to real life.This is because they must meet the cultural standards and behavioral specifications of people on outdoor, conferences and lunch.In actual use, we must first consider comfort and appropriateness, not artistic.Any excessive sexy lingerie is not decent.

Professional matching advice

There is a "golden rule" for the wearing suggestions of sexy underwear, that is, please understand, match and try on in advance.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, not blindly follow the trend or blindly.Do not surpass your comfort and safety range, choose appropriate occasions to wear to avoid "exposing" in public.

Zhang Yang self, guarantee safety

Although sexy underwear is a personal choice, it should not give up security because of interest.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first consider the comfort and safety of wearing.Choose the appropriate size underwear, the material is suitable, comfortable and breathable, and it is moderate.In addition, while choosing sexy underwear, it is necessary to match appropriate clothes to avoid health issues that affect this.


Open mentality

Even if you are a master of sexy underwear, you need to maintain an open and learning mentality.Understand the fashion culture and the concepts behind sexy underwear, continue to learn new combinations, wear new skills, and improve your underwear accomplishment.In other words, keep paying attention to the original, innovation, art and function of sexy underwear, and constantly innovating when buying sexy underwear is the real sexy underwear traffic police.

Choose a style that suits you

Finally, it is very important to choose a style that suits you.Whether it is sexy, sweet, fresh, enchanting or alternative style, it must be in line with their own temperament, figure or psychology.Never wear unnatural or inappropriate sexy underwear types to compromise with individual or social pressure.


In general, sexy underwear is a novel and interesting underwear. It is different from traditional underwear and has more visual stimulation and psychological satisfaction.However, it also needs to be used reasonably, decent and comfortable within the scope of public moral norms.The ultimate purpose of wearing sexy underwear is to enhance women’s confidence, break the traditional aesthetic bottlenecks and life norms, show a personality and independent style, and let people truly recognize the life and charm of women.