Sexy underwear trial penetration of the original picture Daquan

Sexy underwear trial penetration of the original picture Daquan

Background introduction:

In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually become popular, and more and more women have begun to like this exciting, interesting, and teasing underwear.Not only strengthen the taste of husband and wife, but also improves the sexual charm of women themselves.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is comfort and suitable.When trying it on, be sure to look at the effects and tightness of the underwear. If it is too tight or too loose, it will affect the beauty and comfort.

What are the problems needing to pay attention to?

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There are many styles of sexy underwear, and they need to consider their own shape and style. Different people are suitable for different styles.For example, thin people are suitable for lace perspectives and slim styles, and fat people are suitable for loose and comfortable underwear.

Sex underwear and occasion matching

Interest underwear should also be matched with different occasions, and different occasions need different outfits.For example, in work occasions, we can choose a low -key and restrained style.

The main classification of sexy underwear

The classification of erotic underwear is also very complicated. We can classify from the perspective of materials, styles, and functions. Among them, the materials are divided into lace, cotton, silk, etc., and the style can be divided into short sleeves, long sleeves, camisole, conjoined body, etc.Essence

Sexual Emotional Fun underwear Charm

Sexual feelings are a popular underwear that is more popular now. It can improve the sexual charm of women and become more attractive.For example, it is recommended that some lace lace underwear can display the good figure of women elegantly and make you more fully display in charm.

Features of European and American sexy underwear

The characteristics of European and American sexy underwear are full of sexy and teasing taste. Generally, lace, mesh and other materials are used to make women feel pure, sexy, fun and interesting.


Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear must not only buy the right, but also take good care.Mild detergent should be used when washing, and it is advisable to wash it by hand.And avoid using hot water and dehydrator to avoid destroying the fiber structure and elasticity, affecting the service life and aesthetics.

How to improve the effect of sexy underwear

The effect of sexy underwear is not only the quality and style of underwear, but also has a lot to do with the method of wearing underwear.The correct way to wear underwear can make our body lines more beautiful and sexy.

Suggestions for buying underwear buying

Finally, you need to remind everyone that when choosing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the quality and comfort of the underwear, and avoid blindly pursuing the appearance.At the same time, we must also consider your body and dress style, show your sexy charm in appropriate occasions.

In short, sexy underwear is a sexy, interesting and teasing underwear. It is a private partner of women. It can strengthen the emotion between husband and wife, and at the same time improve women’s own body beauty and sexual charm.