Sexy underwear women’s series number

Sexy underwear women's series number

S classical of sexy lingerie women’s series

There are many different classification methods in the sexy lingerie series, usually classification according to the use, material, design style and size.In this article, we will mainly introduce the classification of the sexy underwear series to help you better understand and choose sexy underwear.

Sexy pajamas (S series)

The sexy underwear female S series (SEXY) refers to the use of women’s sexy and sexual desire stimulation. Usually, she choose to reveal pajamas with sexy and charming characteristics, such as suspenders, lace, silk, etc.The number of the S series is usually "S", such as S001, S002, etc.

Sex underwear T series

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The Temptation (Temptation) of sexy underwear refers to the temptation and teasing characteristics of women, usually including bold hollow design, corset covered with nipples, and silk underwear made of silk.The number of the T series is usually "T", such as T001, T002, etc.

Interest underwear C series

Female underwear female C series refers to the charm and charming characteristics of women. The C series sexy underwear shows the perfect combination of women’s elegance and sexy.The number of the C series is usually "C", such as C001, C002, etc.

Sexy underwear B series

The BEAUTY BEAUTY (Beauty) refers to women who pursue beautiful and fashionable, and their colors, design and fabrics are more fashionable and avant -garde.The number of B series is usually "B", such as B001 and B002.

Sex underwear K series

The sexy underwear girl K series refers to those sexy underwear that is more challenging and irritating, such as leather, whip, handcuffs, open pants, etc., belongs to the SM toy category.The number of K series is usually starting with "K", such as K001 and K002.

Sexy underwear v series

The VARIETY VARIETY (VARIETY) is a diverse and changing sexual characteristics, including role -playing, uniform temptation, various sex toys, etc.The number of V series is usually "V", such as V001, V002, etc.

Oil Shine

Sexy underwear F series

Female underwear female F series refers to underwear on special occasions such as women in weddings, usually romantic and elegant colors and designs such as white, pink, beige, etc., making women more beautiful and moving.The F series number usually begins with "F", such as F001 and F002.

Sexy underwear P series

The Plus Size (Plus Size) refers to the underwear of large -size women, so the design should pay more attention to comfort and practicality.The number of the P series is usually "P", such as P001, P002.

Sex underwear L Series

Lingerie Lingerie refers to more attention to women’s inner emotions and experiences, including lace pajamas like ladies, long nightdress with a sneer.The number of L series is usually starting with "L", such as L001 and L002.

Selection and viewpoint of sexy underwear

Each number of sexy lingerie women’s series has its unique characteristics and occasions of use. If you want to choose the appropriate sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose according to your own experience and needs.At the same time, when using erotic underwear, pay attention to reasonable and healthy use methods, and do not use it excessively or arbitrarily.Interest underwear is a way to enrich and stimulate life, but only by following the correct use method can the expected effect be achieved.