Shanghai sexy underwear man

Shanghai sexy underwear man


As people’s aesthetic concepts gradually open, sexy underwear has become more and more popular.When talking about sexy underwear, people often think of women, but in fact, men also start to pay attention to sexy underwear. Details determine taste. Whether it is interest or sexy, it is a must -have for male charm.In Shanghai, sexy underwear shops are spread all over the streets. This article will introduce you to the chapter of men in Shanghai’s sexy underwear.

Sexy and not fancy

Different from the sexual and emotional and interesting underwear of women, men’s sexy underwear pays more attention to simple and quality, and the design and matching of details.At the same time, color selection is usually biased towards black, white, gray, or partially taller colors such as red.

Materials and comfort

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Men’s body is relatively thick and the range of activities is relatively wide, so the material of sex underwear is very important.High -quality fabrics can ensure the breathability and comfort of the underwear.Commonly used materials are silk, cotton, Modal, wool, etc. The fun underwear of the combined fabric has the characteristics of increased softness, difficult to deform and easy to clean.

Function and design

Compared with women’s sexy underwear, the design and function of men’s sexy underwear pays more attention to exercising and increasing male charm.The protective gear and tight design can protect the sensitive parts of men, increase sexual ability while ensuring physical health.In addition, there are special designs such as Lockable underwear, which can add more excitement to sex and improve the quality of sex.

Shop characteristic display

Now, Shanghai’s sexy underwear shops have a variety of display methods, including endorsement models, strip shows, etc., and some shops show sexy underwear through special interior.Store characteristic display can make men closer to the brand, culture and creativity of men’s underwear, and can better attract consumers’ attention.

Customer needs meet

Each man’s demand for sexy underwear may be different. Some care about the comfort of the material. Some people pay attention to color matching, and some people value health protection.Good erotic underwear shops should be able to meet the needs of different men and provide personalized suggestions, guidance and services.

After -sales service

After -sales service is also a highlight of sexy underwear shops.The choice and purchase of men’s sex underwear is not easy, and after -sales service is more important.Good sexy underwear shops should provide a certain return and exchange service and after -sales return visit to ensure customer satisfaction.



Men’s sexy lingerie prices are relatively high than general underwear, but good erotic underwear brands usually have high -quality fabrics, fine craftsmanship and unique design.Consumers need to measure cost -effective and weigh their needs and budgets.

Save money -saving technique

If you want to buy a cost -effective sexy underwear, consumers can start from several aspects.First of all, find a reputable sexy underwear shop, and pay attention to choosing products that match your body and needs.In addition, you can pay attention to the brand’s promotion and discount information and buy it in time.

Relevant laws and regulations

Although sexy underwear is no longer taboo in modern times, this does not mean that some bad businesses can let their own behavior.Consumers should understand relevant laws and regulations, such as consumer rights protection laws, advertising laws, contract laws, etc. to protect their rights and interests.


The sexy underwear market in Shanghai is gradually mature, and factors such as brands, styles, design, and services are constantly improving.As a man, choosing a good sexy underwear can improve self -confidence and self -worth, and add more fun to sex.By understanding the needs of sexy underwear, consumers can better buy and choose products that suits them.