Shavering hair and sexy underwear wife derailment

Shavering hair and sexy underwear wife derailment

Shavering hair and sexy underwear wife derailment

Men have a natural curiosity about the appearance of his wife, especially for sexy clothing like sex underwear.However, there are some dangers behind such emotions.For example, can we really make your wife more loyal to you?And is the derailment of his wife related to these acts?In this article, we will explore these issues.

Shavering hair is not the same as the wife is more loyal to the wife

Many men like to trim their "genitals" to obtain a more characteristic identity.But in fact, can shaving be eliminated in her wife’s feelings, or make her more loyal?the answer is negative.Because a person changing his appearance may play a certain role, the loyalty of his wife depends on the emotion and values of the heart, not the appearance.

Interest underwear, just a form of expression

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The appearance of sexy underwear is very in line with men’s needs, which can meet the desires who want to give their partners some different attempts.Different men will have different choices, such as some people like sexy perspectives, while some people like more specific role -playing.But no matter what kind of underwear, its essence is just a decoration, and it is impossible to really change his wife’s personality and inner heart.Therefore, if you want to improve the loyalty of his wife, what is more important is the tacit understanding and understanding between the hearts of both sides, not just relying on sexy underwear.

Shavering and wearing underwear are based on your own needs

Everyone chooses to shave pubic hair and wear sexy underwear different. Many times it is just because of their own needs or personal preferences.Therefore, if you want to use this to promote the behavior of his wife, it may not only achieve the effect, but also cause his wife’s resentment.No one should be forced to change their behavior, otherwise it will only be counterproductive.

Derailing is the result of multi -compulsory factors

Whether it is marriage or love relationship, it is based on mutual trust and support.If the wife is derailed, there must be some problems that need to be resolved.Not any behavior can prevent derailment, because derailment is generated by multiple composite factors.For example, the psychological needs of his wife, emotional communication, family environment, career confidence, etc. can all become derailed factor.Therefore, it is impossible to really solve the problem by relying on shaving and sexy underwear.

How to improve maintenance loyalty in marriage

Both men or women are worthy of their own colors and ability to think independently.In marriage, we must respect the needs and personality of the partner, and shape the common differences together.At the same time, communication and support in family, career, emotion, etc. are also very important, because only by understanding and supporting each other can we truly make marriage stable and long.At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a sense of freshness, maintain a certain passion and romance, and do not let daily chores lead to alienation of both parties.

How to enhance positive trust

Active trust is an important part of marriage life or love life.Its establishment requires the true understanding, joint adjustment and support of both parties.A person’s behavior is just the happiness on the corner of the mouth. Without the basic emotional support of marriage, it is difficult to continue.Therefore, in family life, we must often express their feelings and needs, pay attention to the way of communication, and respect and understand the other party’s feelings, so as to truly enhance positive trust.



Sharing hair and sexy underwear can satisfy some men’s desires, but it cannot truly change the nature of marriage relationship, let alone to improve the loyalty of his wife.To maintain a stable and long -term marriage, you need to start from the heart, cultivate common values and beliefs, and respect and support each other.Only in this way can we truly realize the inner balance and harmony and perfectly interpret the essence of marriage life.