Shenzhen Underwear Show Fun Underwear Show

Shenzhen Underwear Show Fun Underwear Show

Background introduction

Shenzhen underwear exhibition is one of the important exhibitions in the Chinese underwear industry.In 2019, the exhibition attracted many underwear brands to participate in the exhibition, and one of the attractive parts is the sex underwear show.This article will introduce the highlight of the sexy lingerie show.

International design concept

In the 2019 sexy underwear show, we have seen many international design concepts, such as European and American -style lace lace and innovative fabric materials.These design concepts not only meet the needs of domestic consumers, but also make the international market feel the innovation and progress of China’s underwear industry.

Diversified style

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The brand participating in the sex lingerie show shows a variety of styles, such as sexy hollow models, cute animal modeling models, elegant lace models, and so on.The diversity of these styles allows consumers to buy according to their preferences and needs.

Emphasize comfort

Although the style of sexy underwear looks sexy, many brands also pay attention to the design of comfort.They choose soft and comfortable fabrics, and use ergonomic design to make consumers be comfortable and beautiful to wear.

Eliminate size trouble

Some female consumers often face the problem of unsatising size.To solve this problem, some brands have begun to provide a variety of sexy underwear.This not only solves the problem of consumers, but also enhances the brand’s competitiveness.

Pay attention to the brand image

On the sexy underwear show, many brands pay attention to creating their own brand image.They use high -quality materials, with high -quality models endorsing, and positioning the brand as representatives of high -end sexy lingerie.

The importance of display accessories

For sex lingerie, accessories are also very important.In the sexy underwear show, the brand shows various sexy accessories, such as handcuffs, stockings, high heels, etc., allowing consumers to show more perfect sexy charm according to their own needs.


Emphasize personalization

In the current era that pays attention to personalization, the personalized design of sexy underwear has also begun to be valued.Some brands use customized methods to provide consumers with more choices, so that they can design their own sexy underwear according to their own characteristics and needs.

Incorporate technology elements

In the 2019 sexy underwear show, we also saw some brands incorporated technology elements, such as smart fabrics and wearable devices.The addition of these technological elements allows sexy underwear to have the sense of technology in the Internet era.

Combined with cultural elements

Some brands also incorporate cultural elements into sexy underwear design, such as Chinese elements and foreign cultural elements.This not only makes fun underwear more cultural heritage, but also enhances the brand’s recognition.


Through the above introduction, we can see the various highlights of the Shenzhen underwear show in 2019.As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to personalization, cultural elements, and fashion than traditional underwear.We look forward to the future sexy underwear design will be more innovative, interesting and attractive.