Small story of wearing sexy underwear

Paragraph: I first know sex lingerie

In a shopping shopping at a time, I accidentally walked into a sexy underwear shop.Various styles in the store make me dazzled, I don’t know which one to choose.The clerk enthusiastically introduced the characteristics of different styles and recommended a sexy sexy underwear.After I tried it on, I was stunned, so I bought this underwear without hesitation.

Paragraph 2: Try bravery

After buying home, I have been hesitating whether to put on this sexy underwear.After all, this is a bold attempt for ordinary people like me.In the end, I decided that I would bravely try this new style and wear it in appropriate occasions.

Paragraph 3: Put in sexy underwear on special days

In order to show the charm of this sexy underwear, I chose to put on it on the day of marriage.When I put on this underwear, I felt that I became more confident and sexy.I hope my husband can be attracted by this underwear.

Fourth paragraph: feel your charm

When I put on this sexy underwear out, I felt that I became lighter and confident.Wearing a sexy underwear not only makes me feel my charm, but also makes the matching clothing more temperament.This self -confidence and temperament have been admired by the people around me, making me even more determined to wear sexy underwear.

Paragraph 5: Give yourself a surprise

Sometimes it is necessary to make yourself surprise.When I was very depressed for a period of time, I chose to surprise myself -buy a sexy underwear.This surprise can not only improve your emotions, but also stimulate your potential.

Paragraph 6: Interesting underwear makes me more confident

Putting on a sexy underwear made me feel more confident.Whether in work or interacting with others, I can be more generous.Putting on sexy underwear, I became more confident and sexy.

Seventh paragraph: sexy underwear gives me a sense of accomplishment

When I put on a sexy underwear on the street, I felt praise and gaze from others, and I felt that I got a sense of accomplishment.Wearing erotic underwear is not only a simple way of dressing, but also a sense of success and pride.

Paragraph eighth: a choice with your partner

Wearing a sexy underwear can also be a special choice with a partner.Wearing sexy underwear, I and my partner became closer and more tacit.And, we need to explore the sexy underwear that is most suitable for both parties.

Section 9: Share the happiness of sexy underwear

I like to share my favorite erotic underwear with my girlfriend.In my eyes, sexy underwear is not only a personal taste and choice, but also a happy sharing.In the process of sharing with friends, I can also understand different styles and matching methods.

Section 10: Conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear can not only make me more confident, but also make me feel a sense of success and pride.Wearing sexy underwear, I will feel more sexy and free.So, I want to say that if you have not tried to wear sexy underwear, then you must try bravely.

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