Sneak buying sexy underwear for girlfriend

Sneak buying sexy underwear for girlfriend


Buying a fun underwear for girlfriends has become a common behavior among modern couples.In the process of buying, many men will encounter many problems, such as what styles, how to determine the size, how to quality, and so on.This article provides you with practical suggestions for secretly buying sexy underwear to help men choose suitable sexy underwear for their girlfriends.

Know your girlfriend’s taste and preference

When choosing a fun underwear for girlfriends, it is important to understand the taste and preference of girlfriend.For example, your girlfriend prefers sweet style or is sexy.And whether she likes patterns, lace, bow and other elements.This can ensure that the selected underwear meets the girlfriend’s preference.

Know your girlfriend’s size

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Similar to taste and preferences, it is also important to understand your girlfriend’s size.Therefore, before buying, you must discuss with her girlfriend.If you are not sure, you can ask a few more times.I found that the size was not appropriate to buy it again and again.

Style selection

In terms of style selection, you need to choose according to your girlfriend’s body and preference.Girls with small sisters can choose to pick up a pair of milk or squeeze breasts, while women with large chests should choose types of underwear such as covering, Ganggo Too, which can effectively support the chest.In addition, you can also choose different underwear styles to achieve different visual effects.

Fabric and quality

In terms of fabrics and quality, we need to pay attention to whether the underwear is breathable and comfortable, whether it is sensitive to toxicity, and pay attention to whether the glue hook is firm.Considering the problem of long -term use and cleaning, we need to choose a sexy underwear with reliable quality and difficulty in deformation.

health standard

When choosing a sexy underwear, we also need to pay attention to its health standards.Qualified sexy underwear needs to meet the corresponding sanitary standards during production, such as compliance with environmental protection requirements, bacterial grades to meet the standards.Choosing a standard sexy underwear can ensure the safety and hygiene during use.

the way of buying

It is also necessary to pay attention to the channels for buying sex underwear. It is recommended not to buy from small stalls and small businesses, but choose a professional large -scale sexy underwear merchant.These businesses pay more attention to authority and quality, and their products have become more complete after sales and protection.

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Budget and price

When choosing a sexy underwear, budget and price are also issues that need to be considered.First of all, you must determine the budget according to the actual situation of the individual, and on this basis, select the sexy underwear with good quality and taste.Of course, we should also pay attention to whether the price is reasonable.

Packing and gift giving

After buying sexy underwear, we also need to pay attention to the packaging and gift giving method of underwear.Under normal circumstances, merchants will provide exquisite packaging boxes for their underwear, but in important festivals or days, we can also choose to give underwear as surprises and gifts to girlfriends.

Don’t force your girlfriend

Finally, don’t force your girlfriend to wear a fun underwear. This is very important.Every girl has their own choices and preferences.Forcing his girlfriend to wear the sexy underwear she chose will not only affect her mood, but also destroy her feelings.


In summary, when choosing a sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to the girlfriend’s preferences, sizes, styles, fabrics and quality, hygiene standards, purchase channels, budgets and prices, packaging and gift giving methods.The most important thing is not to force your girlfriend to wear a sexy underwear he chose.Choosing a sexy underwear that is really suitable for and who likes your girlfriend will be a very beautiful thing.