Some men don’t like sexy underwear

Some men don't like sexy underwear

Some men don’t like sexy underwear

As a fashion product that liberates women’s bodies, sexy underwear has been popular for many years.However, not all men are excited about them, and some men don’t even like them at all.This causes trouble and doubts when wearing sexy underwear.In order to let women understand more about men’s views on sexy underwear, this article discusses and summarizes 8 reasons why men may not like sexy underwear.

Interesting underwear is too exaggerated

Some men think that sexy lingerie is too exaggerated, and it is too obvious to wear them, and it is even more comfortable to wear.This is particularly easy to occur in the "student" scene. Because of the young age and the taste of literary and art workers, it requires novel fashion products, and extreme sexy clothing can easily cause a significant sense of visual violation.

Interest underwear will make men lose their sense of control

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The sexy underwear is very sexy, which will make men lose their sense of control, especially when it is close to the opposite sex.Some people think that women in sexy underwear are not as dariest and weak as usual, but more aggressive.This will make men feel uneasy and afraid, making them more restrained and cautious.

Fun underwear makes men feel uncomfortable

For some men, sexy underwear may make them feel uncomfortable.They may not be accustomed to sharing the beauty of women’s bodies with others, and this beauty is often hidden in the depths.In this case, wearing sexy underwear is like exposing some private parts, which makes men feel very uncomfortable.

Interest underwear is not suitable for everyone

Interest underwear is not suitable for everyone, whether men or women.Some people are very disgusted with too sexy clothes, even if it is sexy underwear.This means that women must wear clothes on different occasions, and they must not wear sexy underwear.

Interest underwear may make men feel embarrassed

Although some men feel sexy, sexy underwear may make them feel embarrassed.In this case, wearing erotic underwear when they are together with their girlfriends or ex -girlfriends, which will make them feel very uncomfortable.

Sex underwear needs a self -confidence temperament

Wearing a sexy underwear requires a confident temperament. If a girl does not have this temperament, she may look awkward.At the same time, if you have always revealed a bitter atmosphere, it may make men feel difficult to approach.


Sex underwear may expose women’s shortcomings

Finally, sexy underwear may expose women’s shortcomings.If a girl has a large belly or hip, sexy clothing such as lace and silk skirts may emphasize these shortcomings.Men will notice these places, and feel disappointed or even disgusted with her body.


Although sexy underwear makes some men feel uncomfortable, for most men, sexy underwear is still exciting and even necessary.Women should not give up their favorite sexy underwear because of the thoughts of a few people.As long as you like it, you should bravely show yourself.In the end, everyone should choose the clothes that suits them and feel confident and satisfied with themselves.