Song Chenyu Interesting Underwear Picture Photo

Song Chenyu Interesting Underwear Picture Photo

Song Chenyu Interesting Underwear: How to keep confident when wearing sexy underwear?

Song Chenyu is a rookie in the Chinese music scene. She has won the love of many fans with a fresh and refined image.In recent years, she has also become the spokesperson for sexy underwear.Whether you are wearing sexy underwear for the first time or to better show yourself, the following prompts can help you maintain confidence when wearing sexy underwear.

1. Understand the applicable object of different types of sexy underwear

Before buying sex underwear, you need to clarify your body and type. Different styles are suitable for different figures, such as the proportion of chest shapes, waist and hips, and so on.In addition, the occasion applied to the affectionate underwear.Do not put the sexy lingerie of traveling in important business occasions to avoid rudeness.

2. Select the right size

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Interest underwear is not an ordinary underwear, and it needs to be more personal, so the appropriate size is very important.Excessive humiliation and inferiority will be uncomfortable.The feeling of different size of the size will also change very much, so you need to carefully measure your figure and compare with the product size table when buying.If you are still uncertain, you can choose a smaller number, because the general sexy underwear is elastic, which can automatically adjust the size.

3. Get rid of picky eyes

Many women are not satisfied with their own figure, so they also look inferior when wearing sexy underwear.But remember that the purpose of wearing sexy underwear is to show your sexy charm, not to make yourself more ugly.Regardless of the body, you can show your charm through erotic underwear.

4. Understand different styles of sexy underwear

Interest underwear includes not only sexy underwear, but also gorgeous suits, melancholy bikini, and stage performances.Understanding different sexy underwear style can better choose what you like and suitable to show your sexy on different occasions.

5. Don’t be afraid of unique design

Interest underwear usually needs to make people’s eyes shine, so a unique design is also an important part of it.Don’t be afraid of some strange designs, because these designs make you stand out in the crowd.You can even leave one or two unique sexy underwear in your own underwent, add more charm to yourself.

6. Try different colors

Sex underwear is not only black or red, but also can choose other colors to enhance your charm, such as pink, purple, white and gold, and so on.Wearing different colors of sexy underwear also makes your interesting life more colorful.

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7. Learn to match

Interest underwear can be matched with different occasions with clothing.For example, you need to choose different sexy lingerie styles and colors in spring, summer and autumn and winter, because temperature and body needs are also different.It can also be paired with sexy high heels, stockings and accessories.

8. Keep a good state

Wearing a sexy underwear tested a person’s self -confidence and physical fitness.Therefore, you usually need to maintain your health and good state, such as performing appropriate amounts of exercise and diet, do not drink excessive drinking and smoking, and so on.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, you can use some cosmetic skin products to try to shape yourself more perfect.

in conclusion

As a spokesperson for sexy underwear, Song Chenyu not only has excellent musical talent, but also has excellent dressing.From her combination, we can see some techniques wearing sexy underwear.No matter what the purpose of wearing a sexy underwear, I hope that every woman can feel her beauty and confidence when wearing.