Spring underwear production place

Spring underwear production place

Background introduction

With the rise of the global sex liberation movement, sexy underwear has become one of the very sought -after products in the modern adult product market.This style is very special and has a improvement of personal sexual experience, so it has become one of the hot -selling products in the current market.

Introduction to the place of production

The production place of sexy underwear is mainly distributed in the two countries of Europe, America and China.European and American countries have always occupied a great position in sex culture, so this is also one of the main producing areas of sex underwear.China is famous for its own exporting country as an adult product manufacturing industry, so it has also become one of the main regions of sex underwear production.

Chinese sexy underwear production

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China’s sexy underwear production is mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces.These provinces are one of the most developed areas of China’s economy.Therefore, in these areas, people pay more attention to the production and consumption of sex culture and their products, and a large number of sexy underwear manufacturers also gather here.

European and American sexy underwear production

The production of sexy underwear in Europe and the United States is mainly concentrated in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries.The sexy underwear style here is very elegant, fully showing the romantic and exquisite culture of European and American style, so it also has huge influence worldwide.

Production Process

The production process of sexy underwear is different from ordinary clothing. Usually, fine handmade technology is used. Tailoring and sewing require exquisite instruments and equipment.It is easy to distinguish the fabric.

Production Process

The production process of sexy underwear is relatively cumbersome, including fabric selection, proofing, tailoring, sewing, printing, hot diamonds, installation cards, packaging and other processes.While the production process is complicated, it also pays more attention to details and quality, ensuring that every sexy underwear can stand the strict test of consumers.

Major consumer group

The main consumer groups of sexy underwear are concentrated in people who work or travel in areas of sex culture, rally, models, dance performances and other fields.These people usually pay great attention to their body shape, temperament, and image, so they have high requirements for the style, quality and style of sexy underwear.


market expectation

With the deepening of people’s understanding of sex culture, the market prospects of sexy underwear are becoming more and more broad.Traditional production technology plus technology and Internet boosted, making the design, production, and sales of sexy underwear more mature.It is foreseeable that fun underwear will become one of the highlights of the modern adult market in the future.


In order to ensure the nature of sexy underwear, it is recommended to fully understand the material, cutting and sewing of the product before buying.And it is necessary to pay attention to different styles and styles of sexy underwear suitable for different groups and scenes, so as not to have embarrassment.

in conclusion

In summary, the production site of sexy underwear is mainly distributed in Europe, America and China.China is the exporter of the sex lingerie manufacturing industry, and Europe and the United States provide a lot of reference and design inspiration for the elegant style of sexy underwear.In the future, as sexual culture is becoming more and more exposed and the media’s promotion, sexy underwear will lead the adult industry and become one of the "explosive" products in the adult market.