Stall -up breasts, milk underwear

Stall -up breasts, milk underwear

What is a stall chest leakage and milk underwear?

The stall chest leakage and sexy underwear are a sexy female underwear. It has the characteristics of "stall chest" and "leakage".The stall chest refers to the effect of being able to hold the chest, increase plumpness and form a deep V -neck effect; the leakage of the milk refers to the transparent or translucent material of the underwear, which can show the part or outline of the female breast.

The design of this underwear focuses on showing the sexy and beauty of women, and is loved by many women and men.

What are the cases?

Stall -up breasts and breasts are suitable for different occasions, such as:

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Private occasions between couples or couples, such as romantic dating, bed love, etc.;

Adult parties and role -playing activities;

Special art photo shooting;

Daily wear to increase self -confidence and beauty, but you need to pay attention to the matching of clothing.

How to choose a size and style?

When choosing a stall chest leakage, you need to pay attention to size, style, and color aspects:

The size of the size should be selected for you, too large or too small will affect the effect and comfort;

There are various styles, such as vest, briefs, and conjoined, and should be selected according to your body and preferences;

Color is also an important consideration, such as red, black, white black, pink black, green black and other clear color combination effects are particularly significant.


How to wear it correctly?

Pay attention to the following points when wearing a stall chest leakage and milk:

Ensure that the underwear is fully fitted with the body, and the effect of folds and ugly folds;

If you need to insert it, you should place the underwear in a suitable position, and then insert it;

Wear panties correctly and pay attention to the underwear.

How to maintain it?

The correct maintenance stall breast leakage and dairy underwear can extend the life of the underwear. The specific methods are as follows:

First of all, you should understand the material of the underwear, and choose the correct washing method according to the material;

Hand washing is the best maintenance method, ensuring the texture and shape of the underwear are not damaged;

Avoid direct sunlight and strong friction when drying, you can put towels above or around the underwear.

What brands?

As a sexy underwear style, there are many well -known brands in the market, such as: such as a sexy underwear, such as:

Victoria’s Secret: Famous American female underwear brand, stalling breasts, milk and sexy underwear series classic and durable;

Agent Provocateur: British women’s underwear brands, known for luxury and sexy style;

La Perla: Italian luxury female underwear brand is known for its high quality and details.

How to match?

Stall -up breasts and sexy underwear can be paired with different clothing to create different effects.Here are several basic matching methods:

Wear wearing: It can be used as a clothing or window show such as nightclubs, but you need to pay attention not to be too exposed.

Inside: Black or white shirt or suspender inside can reduce the effect of "exposure" and be more suitable for daily wear.

Outside the top: The top can choose a knitted cardigan or windbreaker to wear a translucent effect without exposing too much.

What should I pay attention to when wearing a stall chest leakage and breasts?

Pay attention to the following aspects:

Don’t be too exposed, so as not to leave a bad impression;

Choose the right occasion, do not wear in inappropriate occasions;

The choice of underwear is equally important. Color and style should be matched with underwear, while maintaining clean and tidy.

What are the popular styles?

There are many design styles of stall -breasted breasts and sexy underwear. The following are several popular styles:

Hollow lace model: mainly based on lace hollow patterns, revealing sexy and charming;

Breast cup model: increase the fullness of the chest visually, and at the same time it will not make the chest look too large;

Belt -tie: Turn on the shoulder straps, waist and back to increase sexy and temptation;

Lace splicing model: Use transparent gauze and lace stitching to emphasize the curve beauty of the chest.

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As a sexy, beautiful women’s underwear, the stall -breasted breasts and sexy underwear can increase the confidence and charm of women.Pay attention to the occasion and matching of the breast leakage of the breasts, and keep it neat and hygienic at the same time.