Stars who shoot sexy underwear

Stars who shoot sexy underwear

Stars who shoot sexy underwear

In recent years, more and more female celebrities have chosen advertisements or samples of sexy lingerie to show their sexy charm and fashion taste.Let’s take a look at which stars have ended endorsement or shooting for sexy underwear, and their shooting style and shape.

01. Little S: Live and playful sexy

The well -known Taiwanese actress Xiao S has endorsed the sexy lingerie brand many times. Her shooting shape is mainly lively, playful, bold, and especially good at making unexpectedly funny expressions in front of the camera, making the photo more interesting and affinity.Essence

02. Shu Qi: Tall and unique charm

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As a representative actress in Hong Kong’s film industry, Shu Qi has always enjoyed good connotation and tall and unique charm.Her sexy underwear photo style has a certain artistic atmosphere. Usually, a large sense of shooting method is used to create a noble, elegant, mysterious and elegant classic beauty.

03. Carina Lau: charming and elegant femininity

Carina Lau is a well -known sexy goddess in the Chinese movie.The theme of her photo is mostly based on traditional Hanfu and cheongsam, highlighting the charming and elegant femininity, making people feel a fashion atmosphere that integrates classical culture.

04. Fan Bingbing: Fantasy Fairy Fan

Fan Bingbing, as a global star, is also quite brilliant to shoot sexy underwear.Her style is mainly fashionable, hot, wild, and often highlights her beautiful figure. It uses dreamy special effects, colorful sound music, and surreal color effects to create a dreamy fairy model.Essence

05. Yang Mi: Fresh and pleasant sexy

Yang Mi has always been the representative of the fashion circle, and her shooting style is also loved by young women.Her erotic underwear photo usually appears in a fresh and pleasant image, full of a playful feeling.

06. Masu: fresh and natural sexy

In recent years, Ma Su has become popular in "Let’s get married", and her appearance has also made people know her diversification.When shooting sexy underwear photos, Masu usually uses a fresh and natural shooting style, emphasizes natural beauty and sexy charm, pursuing himself, and expressing his personal fashion attitude.


07. Zhao Liying: Sweet and cute sexy

Zhao Liying has always been the little princess in everyone’s mind. Her pure image was once known as the "goddess".However, when shooting sexy underwear photos, Zhao Liying also did not lose its elegance and sexy style.Her photo style reflects a sweet and cute sexy style.

08. Li Qin: fresh and natural beauty

Li Qin is hailed as the Chinese version of "apricot shell Girl" and has endorsed or took photos for many sexy underwear brands.Her shooting style is mainly based on fresh and natural beauty, emphasizing the lines and beautiful postures of the figure, and showing sexy and playful charm.

09. Tang Yan: Elegant and charming temperament

Tang Yan has always shown people with a fresh, elegant and beautiful image. Her sexy underwear shooting style also presents the same characteristics.Her photo style emphasizes elegant and charming temperament, and a temptation with a little interest.

10. Suzuki Ai Li: The charm of charming and innocent

As the front -line actress of Japan, Suzuki Ai also has endorsed the sexy underwear brand many times.Her shooting style is mainly charming and innocent charm, emphasizing the curve and elegant temperament of the figure, and creating a pure and emotional photo beauty.

Viewpoint: From the shooting style of the above stars, we can see that sexy underwear can not only make people feel sexy charm, but also show the beauty and fashion taste of women.This emerging fashion culture is expected to develop more development and attention in the future, driving the rapid development of the sexy underwear industry.