Steady lingerie

Steady lingerie

Steady lingerie

Interest underwear is a prop that is commonly used in modern men and women in sex. Wearing sexy underwear can make sex more challenging, irritating and enjoyment.However, you need to consider a variety of styles and how to choose your own underwear when buying sexy underwear.This article will explore how to choose a style that suits you by attacking sex underwear.

1. Understand the style of love underwear

The style of sexy underwear is diverse. The most common is bra and underwear.In addition, there are dew milk, bellybands, slings, cats and women’s clothing, flight attendants, etc.

2. Understand the material of love underwear

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Sexy underwear is actually a more sexy ordinary underwear, so you need to consider the material of the underwear when buying.Materials are divided into various types such as chemical fiber, cotton, silk, lace and other types.Different materials of underwear are suitable for different use scenarios.

3. Appropriate size is very important

Pay special attention to size problems in sexy underwear.Because the size that is not suitable for you can cause uncomfortable dressing, it will also affect the sexy effect.Therefore, you must accurately measure your body size and choose a size that suits you.

4. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of body figure

Everyone is different, so when choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider your body’s advantages and disadvantages.For example, if you have a pair of tall chests, you need to choose the appropriate bra to enhance the effect.

5. The right color is more sexy charm

The color of sexy underwear is also very important.Some dark underwear have a strong visual effect.At the same time, color choices also need to consider skin color.

6. Buy the style of underwear that suits you

Different people can apply different styles.For example, high -collar styles are suitable for people with neck ministers, and exposed milk is suitable for people with flat chests.

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7. Consider the situation of matching

In order to achieve the best results when wearing sexy underwear, you need to consider matching.For example, if you want to use a bellyband, you need to match the appropriate underwear.

8. Comfort is also important

When choosing sexy underwear, in addition to considering sexy and beautiful aspects, we should also consider comfort.After all, the time for sex is not short, only good comfort can it last for a long time.

9. Various purchase channels

Today, sexy underwear has become the mainstream products on the market, and many stores and online stores sell sexy underwear.Therefore, the purchase channel is also very rich. You can choose to go shopping and buy online.

10. In general, choosing the right sexy underwear is a comprehensive process.It is necessary to consider color, material, size, comfort, body advantages and disadvantages, prices, and other factors to choose the most suitable style.

Viewpoint: Correct selection of sexy underwear will not only improve the quality of sex, but also increase interest and gameplay.Of course, the key is whether you are good at discovering and digging the inner sexy power.