Student sex lingerie novels

Student sex lingerie novels


In modern society, wearing erotic underwear has become a fashion trend and cultural phenomenon.Young people, especially students, are pursuing sexy and personalized clothes.Therefore, understanding of various types of sexy underwear may be helpful for choosing sexy underwear suitable for your own style.

Breast underwear

Drain underwear is one of the most common and basic sexy underwear, suitable for women in any body type.This underwear can make the appearance of the chest more upright and plump.And in summer, this underwear can also play a role in regulating sweat.

Corset underwear

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Coach underwear is a tight -fitting style than bra.It covers most of the area above the chest, and the tight design can make the figure look more slender.

Pantyhose -style underwear

Lian -pantyhose -style underwear is a kind of tight -fitting pantyhose from chest to ankle, which can play the role of lifting hips and modifying the length of the calf.This underwear is very suitable for high -heeled shoes to increase the overall sexy temperament.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a sexy underwear with good permeability and softness.They are mainly lace and lace design, and they look very beautiful and sexy.When dating, wearing a set of lace underwear will make you more attractive.

Sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a unique and creative sexy lingerie series.They are very personal in design, with many decorations and lace, which increases natural sexy temperament.These underwear are very suitable for those who especially like to explore and try new things.

Bodied underwear

Bid -body underwear is a very tight sexy lingerie that can adjust the lines and belly lines to make the figure look more slender.Moreover, they have dual performance, which can control both body lines and body lines.


High waist underwear

High -waisted underwear is a kind of underwear -type leggings. They are designed to be very high waist and can have the effect of tightening and lifting hips.All of their hidden FLABs and foreign bodies emphasize gentle curves, making you more charming.

Stockings type underwear

Stockings -style underwear is composed of high elastic stockings and some bright colors and lace.Wearing a set of stockings -type underwear can not only make you more sexy, but also make you feel more confident.

Leather underwear

Leather underwear is a bold and very sexy sexy underwear, which can usually bring a deep impression.If you want to try extraordinary ways, choose a leather underwear, pay attention to style and suitable occasions.


Understanding various types of sexy underwear helps you find the sexy underwear that suits you best.However, no matter what type of sexy underwear you choose, it is the most important thing to maintain confidence and health.