Su Maruying takes JK as a sexy underwear

Su Maruying takes JK as a sexy underwear

Su Maruying takes JK as a sexy underwear


Su Maruoying is a well -known online celebrity and fashion blogger in China, which has attracted much attention because of its fashionable ethics and personality style.Recently, she publicly showed a set of photos on social media. In the photo, she wore JK (Japanese school uniform) as sexy lingerie, which aroused great attention and controversy.

JK underwear origin

JK underwear refers to women wearing a Japanese school uniform or school uniform jacket as a top, with a T -shirt or suspender shirt wear between underwear and pants.Because it highlights the chest and waistline, it forms a sexy and playful effect, which is very popular in Japan and Southeast Asia.

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JK underwear controversy and criticism

Although JK underwear has a high popularity in the Asian market, it has also caused some controversy.Some people think that the style of JK underwear is too sexy and is not suitable for the campus, which hinders the image of education; others think that the popularity of JK underwear treats women’s bodies as commodities and is suspected of insulting women.

Su Maru Ying’s choice

As a fashion blogger, Su Maruying provides fashionable inspiration and matching skills with her unique vision and fashion thinking.The choice of JK underwear this time, as a sexy lingerie, also shows its personality and the quality of courage to try again.

Promotion of brand

As a web celebrity, Su Maruying’s information released by each one will affect the heartstrings and attention of millions of people.The choice of JK underwear this time has also brought very good promotion opportunities for some brands.The brand can use the influence of the celebrity to promote new styles and new products to achieve a wider market and more contact with more people.

Impact on fashion

Su Maruying’s wearing JK underwear has aroused the public’s attention and heated discussion on this way of dressing.Fashion is not only the choice of clothing, but also a display and an expression of personality.Su Maruying’s choice of dressing is also an expression of fashion attitude and exploration of gender, body, freedom and other issues.

Enlightenment to women


Su Wanying’s personality and courage to try are also the inspiration of women.While pursuing beauty and fashion, women should also be courageous to try and explore, and they are not subject to traditional ideas and restraints.Fashion is an expression, and women should have more opportunities and rights to speak and express.

Reflection on society

Su Maruying chose JK underwear as a sexy lingerie, which also caused society to reflect on gender and physical problems.Under the traditional concept, women’s bodies are displayed in front of society like a show product, and women should have more freedom and rights to choose identity and lifestyle.Society should also pay more attention to and emphasize the equality and respect of women.

Preliminary thinking of brand generalization

JK underwear is an emerging method of dressing and cultural symbols. The brand seized this cultural element and made this culture a product, which also brought some negative impacts.Brands should pay attention to the inheritance of culture and the expression of cultural symbols, rather than just using culture as a commodity to market.

in conclusion

Fashion is a diverse knowledge that needs to be continuously explored and tried.Su Maruoying chose JK underwear as a sexy lingerie to wear, showing the courage to try and informal tradition.The incident also put forward some thinking and reflection on brand, fashion, women, society and other issues.