Summer new sexy underwear women’s brand

Summer new sexy underwear women's brand

Summer new sexy underwear women’s models are essential

Summer is the best when wearing fun underwear. Many women are more willing to try more novel and sexy underwear styles.It is important to choose a new sexy underwear brand consistent with fashion trends.This article will introduce you to the latest and most popular underwear brands.

Brand 1: Lonely Label

Lonely Label was founded by two New Zealand women in 2009.They advocate that "it is important to feel comfortable when wearing underwear."Therefore, their design focuses on comfort and sexy.This brand’s underwear style is simple and elegant, suitable for various occasions.

Brand 2: Honey Birdette

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Honey Birdette originated from Australia and is an independent sexy underwear brand.Their design style is clear, integrating luxury and sexy.Their underwear is characterized by soft fabric and sexy design.

Brand 3: Bluebella

Bluebella is one of the top European underwear brands in Europe, which was established in 2005.Most of their designs are mainly black, focusing on the elements of lines and outlines.In terms of choice, their underwear styles are very fashionable and have some practicality.

Brand 4: Playful Promises

Playful Promises has been committed to providing underwear options for women of various body and ages.They have special designers, craftsmen, cutters and production teams.Their underwear styles have many different colors and styles, which meet the needs of many different types of women.

Brand 5: Love Stories

Love Stories is a sexy underwear brand willing to try novel design.They broke the traditional underwear style and put forward new styles and design concepts.Their design often combines various elements, so that their underwear has attracted much attention in the market.

Brand 6: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is the perfect combination of quality and sexy.This underwear brand is known for its elegance and luxury, and their underwear pays great attention to the beauty of lines and outlines.Their design emphasizes women’s personality and shows the beauty and charm of women.


Brand 7: intimissimi

Intimissimi is an underwear brand from Italy. Their design emphasizes details and comfort.The underwear styles they produce are diverse, and all designs pay attention to comfort and personalization.

Brand 8: La Perla

Like Agent Provocateur, La Perla is also a brand full of luxury.Their design is inspired by nature and art, forming a simple and elegant style.Their brand is for those customers who love details and quality.


When buying a new sexy underwear in summer, you need to consider your own personality and needs.These underwear brands have their unique design and styles, and more importantly, they aim to provide women with comfort and confidence.Therefore, choosing the right brand and style is an important step for women to improve self -confidence, beauty and sexy.