Supermodel photo sexy underwear picture video

Supermodel photo sexy underwear picture video


In recent years, more and more women have begun to pursue the sexy fashion trend of sexy underwear.And supermodel photo sexy underwear pictures and videos have also become one of the most popular content on major fashion magazines and websites.So, let’s take a look together, these sexy lingerie styles, design inspiration behind, and how to choose the choice that suits them.

Interest underwear type

The type of sexy underwear is not only whether the chest pads, whether there are hooks, whether the buckle, etc., but also different styles, colors and materials, such as silk, lace, and pearls.Among them, the most popular types include bras, swimsuits, underwear, suspenders, socks, pajamas and stockings.


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In sexy underwear, the bras are strange.In addition to the T, U -shaped, and V, there are also designs such as IN type, cup splitting, V, etc.In terms of style selection, big breasts may wish to choose to hold more bras with chest meat. Women with small and medium -sized breasts can choose steel ring type and splicing type.

Swimsuit style

Swimsuit is a very popular sexy underwear, with a strange style.Common swimsuit styles include bikini, three -point, one -shoulder, suspender type and vest.When choosing, we should choose a swimsuit style that suits them according to our body, waistline and skin color.

Types of underwear

There are also many types of underwear in sex underwear.In addition to conventional briefs, flat -footed pants and T -shaped pants, there are also styles such as beam and camisole.Although the material and color of the underwear and the bra are inconsistent, when mating together, you need to pay attention to whether their matching is coordinated.


There are many design of sling underwear, such as V -type suspenders, one -character shoulder strap, back -to -back suspender camisole.The advantage of the suspender is that the shoulder can be exposed to make the overall visual effect more sexy and charming.When choosing, we can choose the style that is more suitable for ourselves according to the material and color.


It is also important to choose socks for women who love sexy underwear.The styles of socks include stockings, shortings, stockings, etc.Moreover, when choosing color, we also need to pay attention to the overall effect of socks, underwear or other outfits.

Sexy Costumes

Pajamas charm

There are many pajamas in sex underwear, including lace nighttime, robe, pajamas, etc.The color and material type of pajamas are also very rich.For example, bright silk, velvet, beads, etc. are very beautiful materials.When choosing, you need to pay attention to the corresponding occasions and your body.

Sexy stockings

Stockings are the sexiest types of sexy underwear.Whether it is black stockings or lace stockings, it has a temptation.Moreover, shoes and tops with stockings are also very important. You need to pay attention to details.

Customized sexy underwear

If you want a more special erotic underwear, then customized a set is also a great choice.When making the producer customize according to your body, skin color, the material and color you want, you can also accept your own opinions and suggestions to make the underwear truly become his own "custom product".


In short, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider your body proportion, skin color characteristics, and occasion requirements.I hope that through this article, you can solve the basic knowledge and style selection skills of love underwear, and find your own sexy charm.