Swimwear makes sexy underwear pictures videos


Both swimwear and sexy underwear are very important clothing categories, and they have their own different purposes.And dressed swimwear into sexy underwear is a relatively novel matching method, and it is also a bold innovation.In this article, we will explore pictures and videos of how to make swimwear into sexy underwear.


To make the swimsuit into sexy underwear, you need to prepare some basic tools and materials.First of all, there are some basic sewing materials, such as sewing machines, needle wires, scissors, labels, etc.Secondly, you need to add some details to the swimsuit, such as shiny diamonds, lace lace, bow, etc.Finally, you need to prepare some more vivid paint to decorate the swimsuit to make it more interesting.

Step 1: Cutting and sewing

The first step to make swimwear into sexy underwear is to cut and sewn the swimwear.You need to make a half -cup -type underwear based on the female figure.A transparent lace or silk fabric can be used as a lining to make a more sexy effect.

Step 2: Add details

In order to make the swimwear more attractive, you need to add some details.You can add some decorative details such as sequins, lace edges, or careful heart.These designs make swimwear more charming and make women more confident.

Step 3: Draw a beautiful pattern

Drawing some beautiful patterns on the swimsuit is also an important way to achieve this matching method.You can use some colorful paint or paint to draw a variety of pink and flower patterns on the swimsuit.This can not only make the swimwear more vivid and elegant, but also increase a little fun.

Step 4: Add a variety of accessories and accessories

A perfect sexy underwear can also be matched with a variety of accessories and attachments.These accessories can be some unique necklaces and earrings, or some lace gloves or silk shoes.In this way, a perfect erotic underwear can make women more charming at night.

Step 5: With special cosmetics

Using some characteristic cosmetics can enhance women’s confidence and make them more charming in normal times.For example, you can use wild lipstick and irritating eyeliner to enlarge the charm of women.

Video: DIY process of swimwear made of sexy underwear

In order to make women know more about the DIY process of swimwear to make sexy underwear, we specially produced a video to show the entire production process, hoping to provide some references for women.

Recommended reference brand

It is also important to choose a good brand when making swimwear sex underwear.Here are several recommended brands: Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Bluebella and so on.

in conclusion

The swimsuit is not only a novel attempt, but also a way for women to show personality and charm.Through a simple DIY process, swimwear can be converted into a sexy sexy underwear to enhance women’s confidence.

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