Switching in the massage shop

Switching in the massage shop

Why do massage shops put in sex underwear?

In more and more massage stores, you are likely to see some sexy underwear and other adult products.Is this a marketing strategy or a product that is just for decoration?In fact, these sexy underwear has many functions in the massage shop.

attract customers

Some people go to the massage shop for pure massage, but some people are for other services, such as the massage of masseuses with chatting or deeper physical contact.Showing sex underwear can attract customers who need such services to increase income.

Display diverse gender orientation

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More and more modern society advocates diversified gender orientation. Massage shops are placing sexy underwear to show tolerance and support.There are men’s styles, ladies styles, and many personalized styles that can attract more different gender customers.

Provide opportunities for purchasing

Sometimes during the massage process, the masseur may recommend some sex products. If these products are not displayed in the massage shop, guests may not know the existence of these products.Show sexy underwear to provide guests with the opportunity to buy them themselves.

Promote health

Sex underwear and other adults can not only increase the customer’s sexual happiness, but also promote sexual health.In many cases, these products are involved in the sexual life of many customers. Only physical health can enjoy a longer sexual life.

Provide more convenience to guests

Buying sexy underwear in a massage store does not need to go to other stores, which increases the convenience of shopping.After massage, guests can easily buy sexy underwear and other sex toys to better meet their sexual needs.

Create brand reputation for massage shops

When customers see these sexy underwear in the massage shop, they will pay more attention to the evaluation of this shop.These not only illustrate the high -end taste of this massage shop, but also create a good reputation for the store.

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Improve customer satisfaction

In fact, many customers choose a massage shop instead of other places because these massage shops can provide higher -end environment and services. Putting sexy underwear can also increase the diversity of this service for customers, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Provide customers with a more private purchase environment

Many people who buy sexy underwear are afraid of being discovered by others and are unwilling to buy shopping malls or other shops.Putting sex underwear in the massage shop can provide these people with a more private purchase environment without worrying about being discovered by others.

save time

If the sexy lingerie displayed by the massage shop is complete, customers do not need to go to other shops to find the products they need, which saves customers’ time and energy.


Putting erotic underwear in the massage shop is not just for marketing strategies or decorations. They have many effects.Provide more convenience and privacy for guests to buy sexy underwear, and provide a variety of service methods and opportunities to create brand reputation for stores.Therefore, placing sexy underwear in the massage shop can bring guests a higher quality service experience, and can further enhance the reputation and revenue of the store.