Taiwan permanent sex lingerie Shu Qi

Taiwan permanent sex lingerie Shu Qi

The origin of permanent sex underwear in Taiwan

Taiwan’s permanent erotic underwear is a sexy underwear brand with special creativity and design. It was founded in 2005 and was founded by a Taiwanese woman named Xu Wenyan.It is said that the founding of this brand originated from the experience of Ms. Xu’s own purchase of sex supplies. She was not satisfied with the quality and design of these products, so she began to develop itself and gradually formed today’s brand.

The characteristics of permanent sex underwear in Taiwan

The design concept of permanent sex underwear in Taiwan is "sexy, creative, and high quality". It is different from traditional underwear only pursuing beauty and comfort. Instead, it integrates sexy and artistic sense, giving each underwear unique personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality and personality of each underwear.charm.The main product lines of the brand include beauty sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sex lingerie and other styles, which can meet the needs of different people.

Design features of permanent sex underwear in Taiwan

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For the design of the permanent interest underwear in Taiwan, we can see it has the following characteristics:

Unique sexy: Each underwear is incorporated into amazing sexy elements. Unlike the commercial sexy in advertising, it is a more exquisite design creativity.

Innovation design: Brands always pursue innovation and breakthroughs, combine the elements in life with sexy underwear, and continue to launch new products, bringing different choices to consumers.

High -quality: In brand products, we can feel high -quality materials and superb workmanship, and each piece of underwear can be worn with confidence.

The development of permanent sex underwear in Taiwan in China

With the opening of the Chinese underwear market, more and more Taiwanese brands have entered the Chinese market. Taiwan’s permanent sexy underwear as one of the leaders in sexy underwear brands has also emerged in the Chinese market.After years of development, Taiwan’s permanent sex underwear has accumulated a certain brand awareness and consumer group in China, becoming a beautiful landscape in the underwear market.

Shu Qi became a brand spokesperson

In terms of brand endorsement, Taiwan’s permanent sexy underwear officially signed in 2013 after the Asian film, Shu Qi became a brand spokesperson, which brought a broader popularity and influence to the brand.Shu Qi not only endorsed the brand, but also designed a series of underwear styles for the brand, making the brand more soul and connotation.

Taiwan’s online sales strategy in China in China

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In addition to the sales channels of offline physical stores, Taiwan’s permanent sexy underwear is also very important for online sales in China.In the context of e -commerce, the distance between brands and consumers is getting closer and closer, and online sales have become more and more necessary for brand promotion.The brand mainly opens flagship stores on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao and Tmall, and regularly launches shopping preferential activities to attract consumers’ attention and interest.

Taiwan’s permanent sexy underwear brand culture

Taiwan permanent interest underwear is not only a brand, it also represents a lifestyle and sex culture.It encourages people to maintain passion and creativity in life, enjoy sexy and realize themselves.By providing consumers with high -quality, creative and sexy sexy underwear, people feel the beauty and fun of life while wearing underwear.

The future development direction of permanent sex underwear in Taiwan

In the future, Taiwan ’s permanent sex underwear will still maintain the concept of innovation and high quality, and constantly introduce new innovation, bringing consumers a richer and more imaginative design and quality.At the same time, the brand will continue to expand online and offline sales channels, promote excellent products and services to more people, and let Volkswagen consumers feel the charm and value of the brand.


Taiwan’s permanent interest underwear is loved by consumers with its unique design and high -quality products, and also represents a novel lifestyle and sex culture.The brand will continue to innovate and improve in the future development, bringing better products and services to consumers, and winning more market share and reputation.The success of the brand is based on consumer trust. I believe that Taiwan’s permanent sexy underwear will also go further and further on the road in the future.