Taiwan Zihan Intellectual Jie

Taiwan Zihan Intellectual Jie

Taiwan Zihan Intellectual Jie

Taiwan Zihan Interesting Underwear is a brand focusing on designing and selling sexy underwear. The underwear here is unique and creative.They not only make women more sexy in appearance, but also bring a satisfactory experience in terms of comfort.The following introduces several Taiwanese Zihan Intellectual underwear.


Flower Love series underwear aims to convey the feeling of romance and softness. With the theme of flowers, it uses soft fabrics and unique tailoring.This series of underwear is made of solid or transparent lace fabric, embellished with the details of the flower pattern, making it look more charming.

Bunny maid

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Rabbit Maid series underwear is a very popular series.It has a cute animal image, such as rabbits and dogs.The fabric is soft and comfortable, full of vitality.The lower body part has a ultra -short tight design to make the legs more tight. The upper body is a tightened belt and a cute bow tie, making the whole person look more attractive.

Burst girl

The design of the burst girl series underwear is to make women’s chests more plump and sexy.This series of underwear has a deep V -neckline and a mini skirt, so that people can see the most charming parts of women at a glance.The high -gloss material increases the final performance effect.

Uniform series

The uniform series of underwear imitations in professional uniforms, such as stewardess, police, nurses, etc., so that women to put on such underwear can show different personalities and hobbies.Not only that, the underwear in the uniform series also has the characteristics of cute and sexy coexistence. Short skirts and tight tops, with the correct clothing, can create amazing effects.

Youthful school

Youth series underwear is a market for the youth, making young girls more confident and confidently to show themselves.They have simple designs, including dark and light -colored, rainbow and colorful styles.The background of this series is some cartoon and anime image, which is very suitable for those wearables to pay attention to personal taste and small fans.

Dedicated temptation

The focus of fatal temptation series underwear is to highlight the body curve of women.The fabric of this series of underwear is very light, and with lace and details, it makes it look very delicate.And the entire series is equipped with a ultra -short tight suit, which sets off the beauty of women’s curves.After women put on them, they can immediately feel that they are full of charm.

Plus Tops

Warm series

The design of the warm series underwear emphasizes the temperature of the underwear.This series of underwear uses soft fabrics, including cotton, silk, wool, etc.These fabrics can protect women’s soft protection of the skin and make their bodies warm and comfortable.In addition, this series focuses on wearing experiences, and changes some of the previous sexy underwear from the style.It contains a lace edge, bow and soft line, making women feel comfortable and comfortable.

Forest Goddess

The characteristics of the forest goddess series underwear are the emphasis on nature and wildness.The designers transform these feelings into dense grass and wood texture, horse honeycomb and other flower patterns, and immediately create a feeling of wilderness.This series of underwear is soft and has many circular incision treatment, so that it can form a firming effect according to the female body lines of women.

Optical Series

The characteristic of obsession of the series of underwear is the atmosphere of the girl.The designers expressed this atmosphere through tedious handicrafts.It has transparent fabrics, soft silk and unique shapes that make women look beautiful, and make women have an inner feeling that can show amazing self -confidence.

The point of view of Taiwan Zihan Intellectual underwear

The design and brand positioning of Taiwan Zihan Interesting underwear is very different from other brands.In addition to sexy, designers also pay attention to the comfort and diversity of fabrics, expand the room for women as much as possible, so that they can find the best style for them.This brand not only respects individuality and free choices, but also builds it into a pioneer of women’s style and fashion trends.