Taobao does not allow selling fun shown


Sellers on Taobao want to sell sexy underwear or other sex products, but many people find that they cannot be sold on Taobao.It is understood that Taobao prohibits selling sex and adult products on the platform.Why don’t Taobao not sell sexy underwear?


With the development of today’s era, the improvement of social opening up and increasingly paying attention to health, sexy underwear and adult products have become the choice of shopping for many people.However, the state is still cautious about such products. Therefore, Taobao as a large shopping platform chooses to restrict the sale of some commodities in order to maintain its own image and reputation to meet the national policy requirements.

Advertising effect

Sellers selling sexy underwear may use teasing slogans for publicity and sales. Such slogans can easily bring adverse effects on the platform, cause social dissatisfaction, affect corporate image and consumer attitude.Therefore, Taobao platforms will limit relevant links and keywords to avoid violations of moral norms and social ethics.

quality problem

Due to the nature of sexy underwear, if reliable materials and process treatment is not used, it will cause harm to consumers’ health and cause bad consequences.As an e -commerce platform, Taobao needs to conduct quality testing and screening for all the products they sell.In order to protect consumers’ health and rights, Taobao choose to restrict the sale of sexy underwear.

Legal Risk

Taobao platform, as an e -commerce platform, needs to comply with relevant laws and regulations.When Taobao adopts related products, it is necessary to comply with the "Anti -Monopoly Law" on the behavioral restrictions of operators.There are various regulations on sexy underwear, such as prohibiting advertising, prohibiting the production and sales of some commodities, and so on.Therefore, Taobao chooses to restrict the sales of sexy underwear to ensure its own legal compliance operations.

Platform image

As an e -commerce platform, Taobao gradually forms a specific brand image in comparison with other competitors.In order to better maintain its brand image, Taobao needs to ensure the legitimacy, reliability and quality assurance of the products.If Taobao’s sales products have quality problems or information, they will lose the trust of many consumers, which will affect the image of the Taobao platform.

The seller is wrong

The Taobao platform also needs to consider the motivation and purpose of selling sexy underwear for sellers.Because the nature of sexy underwear and consumer needs may attract some sellers who do not have legitimate business qualifications to create fakes or use inferior raw materials to obtain huge profits.Consumers often need to bear more losses in this case, so Taobao platforms choose to restrict the sales of sexy underwear to reduce consumer risks.

alternative plan

Although the Taobao platform is prohibited from selling sexy underwear, consumers can still buy high -quality sexual products on other channels of Taobao platforms.For example, you can search for peripheral malls on Taobao. Professional experienced personnel are responsible for sale, providing better services and more reassuring products for consumers.Or consumers can choose to go to offline stores to buy, closer to the consideration of the real thing, and a more authentic experience.

Industry specification

As the state’s supervision of sexy underwear continues to increase, industry standards and market supervision will gradually be formed.Taobao platform believes that with the development of industry standards, sexy underwear will become a type of product that is increasingly attracted to the market.At this time, the Taobao platform can choose to increase the management and screening of sexy underwear and promote its marketization to achieve better contributions.


As consumers, we should pay attention to the quality and safety of the goods when buying sexy underwear and adult products, and choose a regular and legal purchase channel to focus on our own health and safety.As a platform, Taobao should pay attention to testing the quality and safety of selling products, establish a rigorous management and screening system, and plant the development of its own long -term enterprise development.

in conclusion

Although Taobao does not allow selling sexy underwear and adults, we should fully consider health and safety factors.It is believed that with the increase in national industry supervision and the continuous growth of market demand, the industry will gradually be standardized and create a safer and reliable shopping environment for consumers and platforms.

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