Taobao Fun underwear Funny Evaluation

Taobao Fun underwear Funny Evaluation

Paragraphs: The beginning and end of the bad review

Recently, I bought a sexy underwear on Taobao. I wanted to find some surprises, but I was troubled by the unfortunate bad review.After buying, I received a variety of sexy underwear, so I did not hesitate to give an orange bad review.

Section 2: The texture of bad reviews

The first thing to introduce is the type of bad review. What I give is a bad review with orange, which means low evaluation.In addition, Taobao’s bad reviews include red quality poor reviews, gray logistics poor reviews, and so on.

Third paragraph: ridiculous reply

After the bad review, the customer service of this sexy underwear shop immediately responded to me and asked me the reason for the bad review.I gave a clear reason, claiming that the quality of the product was not good.However, the customer service gave an extremely ridiculous reply, claiming that I bought the tail goods of a huge output of the sexy underwear factory, and ignored my actual problem.

Paragraph 4: apologize?nonexistent

Next, I contacted the customer service again, this time it was to ask for the issue of returns and compensation.Unsurprisingly, the customer service’s reply is very fast and very irresponsible.They rejected all my requirements and said that they had tried their best and had no mistake.

Paragraph 5: Significance of product evaluation

From this point of view, the product evaluation on Taobao should play an objective and fair role, not a defense.Commodity evaluation is not only a way to help buyers choose the product, but also for the seller’s assessment system. It should also allow sellers to be punished for a certain amount of evaluation.However, reality is the opposite.

Section 6: The power of the seller

On Taobao, the seller has very great power. They can delete the evaluation and title. They can pay a bad review, but the buyer is powerless.This inequality relationship has led to tremendous pressure, making it easier for sellers to intervene and control product evaluation.

Seventh paragraph: a way to modify the evaluation

After buying a product, buyers can modify the evaluation within 7 days, which is the evaluation function.But many people do not know this method, or they do not want to bother to re -evaluate. More importantly, this method does not really solve the problem, and buyers are still treated unfairly.

Eighth paragraph: When can you achieve a fair evaluation

Modern society is a consumer society, and consumption requires fair evaluation.The product evaluation on Taobao has become an important reference for people when shopping, but the current evaluation system has many problems and needs to be reforming in -depth.Only by achieving fair evaluation can we truly serve consumers and establish a good image for the e -commerce industry.

Viewpoint: Power should be more in the hands of the buyer

Judging from the current situation, the product evaluation on Taobao still needs to be reforming in -depth.The power of the buyer should not be in such a disadvantage, and some countermeasures should be added to make the buyer’s words more weight.At the same time, sellers should also be stricter to ensure product quality and commercial ethics.Only in this way can we be able to trust goods and transactions, and we can establish a healthier Internet business ecosystem.

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