Taobao PC is not searching for sexy underwear

Taobao PC is not searching for sexy underwear

Why can’t the Taobao PC searches for sexy underwear

In recent years, the sexy underwear market has attracted more and more attention.More and more consumers choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.However, some consumers reported in recent times that when searching for sexy underwear on Taobao PC, they could not find the products they wanted.Why is this?

Taobao platform new regulations

In fact, at the end of last year, the Taobao platform once made new regulations that the sale of illegal illegal products involving pornography, vulgar, violence, politics and other illegal products.Interest underwear is considered one of the vulgar representatives, so it is also included in the scope of the ban.Therefore, when searching for sexy underwear on Taobao PC, it will be limited by the platform.

Taobao sensitive word review

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In addition to the impact of the new regulations, the Taobao platform also has a sensitive word review system, which will review the product title, picture, description, etc. published.If a sensitive vocabulary appears, it cannot be sold on the shelves.There are many product names and descriptions containing sensitive vocabulary in sexy underwear, so there may be unable to search.

Taobao search algorithm

In addition to the factors of the new regulations and review systems, Taobao search algorithms are also one of the reasons for searching for sexy underwear.Taobao search algorithms have been upgraded many times to sort the search results for different needs.Some sexy underwear shops may not be professional enough, and they cannot reasonably use search keywords and descriptions to enhance the ranking of the product, resulting in unable to search.

Funeral underwear keyword meaning

Another reason is that the keyword of sex underwear itself is more vague.Interest underwear contains many different styles and styles. Some consumers will searches with keywords such as "sexy underwear" and "pattern underwear", resulting in sexy underwear is not in the search results.Therefore, consumers choose the appropriate keywords to search, and they can find sexy underwear more easily.

How to search for sexy underwear on Taobao mobile phone

Although there are various restrictions on searching for sexy underwear on the Taobao PC, searching for sexy underwear on the Taobao mobile phone can be realized.Consumers can use the keyword "sex underwear" in the Taobao mobile app for search.On the mobile phone side, Taobao products display is more convenient and fast, and it can also avoid the restrictions on the insufficiency of sensitive words on the PC side.

Choose other e -commerce platforms to buy sexy underwear

Of course, when searching for sexy underwear on Taobao PC, you can also choose to buy other e -commerce platforms.E -commerce platforms such as and Tmall have not set up the ban on the sale of sexy underwear, and they will not review sensitive vocabulary such as sexy underwear.Therefore, the sales of sexy underwear on other e -commerce platforms are more free, and consumers can easily buy suitable products.

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Contact the seller to buy

If consumers cannot find the sexy underwear products they want on Taobao, they can also try to contact the seller.Sometimes, the seller may not use sensitive words in the title and description of the product, but the product is indeed a sexy underwear in the warehouse.By contacting the seller, you can also buy the products you need more easily.

Keyword mutation search

When searching for sexy underwear on the Taobao PC, you can also try to search with some mutant keywords.Such as "sexy underwear", "pattern underwear", "flirting underwear", etc., sometimes you can also find the sexy underwear products you need.

in conclusion

All in all, Taobao PCs cannot search for erotic underwear mainly because of the new requirements of the platform, the review of sensitive words, and the incomplete search algorithm.Consumers can solve this problem by choosing other e -commerce platforms, searching on Taobao mobile phones, and contacting sellers to buy.