Taobao sex lingerie search sort rules

Taobao sex lingerie search sort rules

With the increasingly developed e -commerce, Taobao has become the first choice for people’s shopping, and sexy underwear has also become a must -have for women.Search for sexy underwear on Taobao, and there are many rules for sorting. Many people do not know how to choose.This article will introduce the search and sorting rules of Taobao’s sexy lingerie to help everyone choose more sexy underwear.

Popular sorting

Popular sorting is the most commonly used in Taobao sex lingerie search sorting rules.Popularity is an indicator that reflects the popularity of commodities, which usually refers to the comprehensive performance of indicators such as views, collecting volume, and transaction volume.Popular sorting can quickly help us screen out of popular sexy underwear products, but it should also be noted that some businesses will use some unskilled means to increase the popularity of goods.

Price Sequence/Swipe Sorting

Price sequence/order sorting is another common rule in Taobao sex lingerie search sorting rules.Price sequence sorting indicates that the sexy underwear products are sorted from low to high according to the price, and the price sorting indicates that the goods are sorted from the price from high to low.Price sorting can help us find our favorite products faster, but pay attention to whether the price of the price in front is too low or the merchant has other routine hidden costs.

Sorting of sales

Sales sorting are sorted according to the volume of commodities. According to the sales sorting, it can be seen that which products are the most popular and which products are good.However, some merchants will use some improper means to false sales. Therefore, comprehensive assessment must be conducted when choosing sexy underwear.

Evaluation number of sorting

The number of evaluation number refers to the number of evaluations from large to small, and the number of evaluation is also an important indicator of the quality of the product.The number of evaluation sorting can quickly help us find more praised sexy underwear, but some merchants may increase the number of evaluation by brushing praise, so choose carefully.

Store recommendation sorting

Store recommendations are sorted according to the excellent degree of the store. The recommendation weight of the store is related to the quality and reputation of the store.The stores that are recommended by the store are highly evaluated and reputable stores, which may be more credible compared to other sorting.However, it should be noted that the store recommendation sorting will also be affected by some promotion.

Figure sorting

There is a picture sort that the sexual underwear products with physical maps are screened. Generally, their products are more than similar products on other pages.However, it should also be noted that too much dependence on the problem that can be equivalent to equivalent network violence affects the degree of belief.

New product sorting

New product sorting refers to sorting according to the time of sexy underwear. Products with relatively high degree of new products are usually placed in front of sorting, and they can adapt to some new trends. HoweverThe search results do not meet expectations.

Brand sorting

Brand sorting refers to sorting according to the brand of sexy underwear. Because its brand keyword search volume is often relatively large, it is easily accepted.Some consumers will prefer sexy underwear launched by some brand merchants, but brand sorting will filter many brand -free sexy underwear products.


These are common methods of Taobao sex lingerie search sorting rules. When choosing sexy underwear, you can choose according to your needs.However, in the selection process, pay attention to the following points: purchase of regular channels; the interval between searching time should not be too short (recommended for more than 3 months); compare products with the same models, comprehensively consider price, quality, after -sales service, and store integrityIn this way, you can finally choose a sexy underwear product that suits you.

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