Taobao sex underwear model real person

Taobao sex underwear model real -real or false?

When you browse the sexy underwear products on Taobao, you may find a large number of model photos, but are these photos really taken by real human models?Observations may be found that many sexy underwear shops use model fakes to show their products.This article will explore the issue of Taobao’s sexy underwear model.

Model False -the so -called "artificial beauty"

The so -called model fake people are actually made of artificial materials and have a very realistic appearance.These "artificial beauties" look like real people through placing and light treatment.Although the price of these artificial beauties is cheaper than real models, will they affect consumers’ perception of sexy underwear?

The shortcomings of the model fake

Although the model fake people look real on the surface, there are still many shortcomings.For example, they lack the sense of curve of real human models, so they cannot truly show the texture of sexy underwear.In addition, they do not have the dynamics of human models, and they cannot show the wearing effect of sexy underwear.

Real human model -the best way to experience sexy underwear

Although there are many shortcomings of models, real human models are the best way to show sexy underwear.Real human models can show the curvic and wearing effects of sexy underwear, which allows consumers to better understand the actual effects of the product.

Choice of Taobao sex lingerie store

On Taobao, different sex underwear shops choose to use different models.Some stores choose to use models, while others will hire real human models to show their products.When you buy a product, it is recommended to choose the product of the real model in order to better understand the product effect.

Taobao sex lingerie shop comments

When shopping on Taobao, consumers can understand the evaluation of sexy underwear through comment.These evaluations can help you understand whether the quality, effect and size of the product meet the actual needs.You can also know if the store uses real human models to display the product.

Whether the sexy underwear shop lacks real models is credible

If a sexy underwear shop does not have real human models to display the product, do you think that this shop is credible?Although this problem has different views, many consumers believe that sexy underwear shops that lack real models are likely to deceive consumers, and the actual goods may be completely different from the store description.


Taobao sex underwear shops using human models to display products are the best way to show the real effect of the product.Although the model fakes are fast and cheap, they cannot show the texture and wearing effect of sexy underwear.Therefore, consumers should try to use real human models to display the goods when choosing sexy underwear to better choose the product that suits them.

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