Taobao sex underwear p picture

Taobao sex underwear p picture

Each woman has their favorite erotic underwear style, and there are many choices on Taobao.However, it is difficult to judge whether the underwear is suitable for you.So, how do you make a Pig in Taobao on Taobao?Here I will introduce some techniques and methods.

I. required tools

Before the Taobao sex lingerie P picture, the tools that need to be prepared include: computers, Google browser, Photoshop software, underwear photos, and compilers.Without the above tools, you can search for the corresponding software and tutorials on Google for learning.

II. How to choose underwear photos

Before the Taobao sexy underwear is carried out, you need to choose the right photo.The best choice is high -definition pictures provided by manufacturers or sellers, because these photos are high in quality, which can display underwear styles and details well.In addition, the photo is possible to choose the white background or simple background, which will make the later processing more convenient.

III. How to delete the background

Deleting the background can help users better display underwear styles and details.In Photoshop, you can use the "pen tool" or "magic stick tool" to select the underwear picture, and gradually delete the background with a rubber rubbing.At the same time, color saturation and contrast should be increased to make the picture clearer and brighter.

IV. How to modify the color

If users don’t like the color of underwear, they can be modified in Photoshop.Specifically, you need to choose "color steps" or "hue/saturation" in "image adjustment", and then modify.In addition, the "light special effects" in the "filter" can be used to increase the overall effect.

V. How to adjust the image size

Adjusting the photos of sexy underwear to the appropriate size can make users better view the details of the underwear.In Photoshop, you can use the "image size" function to adjust.At the same time, high -resolution should be selected so that the details of the underwear can be clearly displayed in front of the user.

Vi. How to add watermarks

It is very important to add watermarks after Taobao’s Patriarch Pig.This can avoid the problem of theft and infringement.In Photoshop, you can use "Text Tools" to add transparent watermarks.At the same time, you should choose to delete the original layer and keep the layer of the addition of watermarks.

Vii. How to choose the right sticker

The texture can make the sexy underwear more three -dimensional and the texture is more obvious.When selecting the texture, pay attention to the color matching and the processing of details.At the same time, the stickers must be suitable for underwear styles, otherwise the underwear will look uncomfortable.

Viii. How to adjust the brightness and contrast

After Taobao sex underwear P -pictures, the picture brightness and contrast should be ensured.In Photoshop, you can use "Brightness/Comparison" in "Image Adjustment" to adjust.Excessive or too low brightness and contrast will cause adverse effects on the entire picture.

in conclusion

The above are some techniques and methods of Taobao’s Pattlement of Taobao.Before the picture processing, the most important thing is to choose good underwear photos.In the case of corresponding skills, the P picture is very helpful for women who want to find sexy underwear who are suitable for themselves.

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