Taobao sex underwear skills


Whether you buy it for yourself or for others, Taobao sex underwear is a thing that makes people think about it.So, how to buy the ideal erotic underwear that meets your needs, what details should you pay attention to?Let’s understand these knowledge together!

Classification technique

When choosing Taobao sex underwear, we must first know the basic characteristics and uses of various sexy underwear, so as to choose the right style and material for different needs.Common sexy underwear category includes sexy pajamas, sex stockings, SM sexy underwear, flirting skirts, sex bras, etc.

Material and fabric

In addition to understanding the type, the fabric of the sexy underwear is also a factor that cannot be ignored.After all, such skin -friendly objects are not comfortable fabric materials we want.The nature of the fabric of sex underwear is marked in the introduction of the product, and it can be screened according to personal needs.

Style and size

The style and size of sex underwear are different. If you do n’t know your size or the size of the size, it is difficult to achieve a comfortable effect.Therefore, check the size of the product carefully, and choose the size and style that conforms to your body.


Before buying sexy underwear, determine whether the accessories are complete, and some sexy underwear requires some auxiliary items to get a better experience.For example, if you want to buy a messy bra with a strap, you must confirm whether there are accessories such as shoulder straps.

Chosen seller

There are many sexy underwear sellers on Taobao. Choose a seller with good reputation, high reputation, and positive evaluation to ensure the quality of the product is the first step to successfully buy sexy underwear.

search keyword

If you want to quickly find a sexy underwear that meets your needs, the choice of search for keywords is also very important.Search according to your own needs and keywords, such as: sexual emotional fun underwear, SM sex lingerie, etc.

Comparison and discount

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you can compare a few more prices and discounts, or you can check whether the merchant has discounts such as coupons.This can not only save money, but also get better services.

Commodity evaluation and sun order

Before placing an order, you can view the evaluation and sun -order of the product page, and understand the purchase experience and use effect of others, so as to make your own decisions for reference.

Retreatment rules

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you must carefully read the merchant’s retreat.Different businesses may have different retreat policies, and they need to understand and prepare psychological preparations in advance.


Choosing and buying sexy underwear is not easy, but after the above guidance and skills, I believe you have mastered a certain amount of purchase experience and ability.If you have any questions or questions, you can consult the merchant on the Taobao platform at any time and wish you a happy shopping!

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