Teacher sex lingerie serial novel collection

Teacher sex lingerie serial novel collection

Chapter 1: Meet her

The new Chinese teacher in the school is here. Her name is Xiaoya. From the first glance, she knew that she was different from the previous teacher. Her whole person exuded a unique charm.However, what I didn’t expect was that her underwear was also very special.That day, she wore a purple sexy underwear with heart -shaped decoration on it. It looked very sexy and seductive, making me unable to extricate it.

Chapter 2: Meeting

Once after school, I strolled around the street and accidentally met Teacher Xiaoya.She wore a black lace sexy underwear, revealing the color of her skin slightly, setting off her perfect figure, making my soul dream.Under her lure, I walked into a underwear shop with her, and she told me how to choose the right sexy underwear, accompanied by some of her own experiences, which made me deeply inspired.

Chapter III: New Start

After these days of contact, I found that I was attracted by the charm of Teacher Xiaoya. I wanted to go further with her, so I asked her to go to the underwear shop.She chose a set of black perspective underwear, and I chose a red three -point underwear. We put on these underwear in the test room in the store, as if time stopped.This is a new beginning. I know that I have lost my body of Teacher Xiaoya.

Chapter 4: Surprise in the room

The two of us came to Teacher Xiaoya’s house, and she took out a secret weapon of her -sexy underwear.She asked me to put on her own sexy underwear. This is a red semi -transmitted four -piece lingerie, which makes me feel extremely comfortable and sexy.Being her side, I seemed to be all immersed in the magic of underwear.

Chapter 5: Tell the story behind the underwear

Teacher Xiaoya once invited me to drink tea at her house. She told me the stories behind various sexy underwear, so as to understand these beautiful underwear more deeply.I listen to it with interest and love these sexy and mysterious underwear.

Chapter VI: DIY Journey of Underwear

With the help of Teacher Xiaoya, I started my first underwear DIY journey, and began to understand the production methods and skills of underwear.We carefully made our own special underwear and revealed them, which made me feel particularly fulfilled.

Chapter 7: The combination of sexy underwear and sexy toys

I learned a lot about underwear, but Teacher Xiaoya also introduced me to many combinations of sex toys and underwear, which made me feel very excited.After trying some new underwear and sexy toys, I was completely intoxicated in their jumping and joy.

Chapter 8: The Night of the First Movie

For the first time, we watched a movie together. She wore a pink sexy underwear. I chose a blue perspective three -point underwear. We watched the movie "50 degrees gray" together.In the movie, I started to learn some wonderful usage of underwear. These knowledge evokes my desire to knowledge and makes me more interested in underwear.

Chapter 9: Go out to travel with her

Teacher Xiaoya and I went out to travel together. We passed a small town. There, we found a underwear shop, so we asked the boss in the store and asked a variety of different underwear and found some new underwear.We bought some new sexy underwear and started our own journey.On a hillside, we lay down together to enjoy the stars and the moon, and put on our new underwear.In the moonlight, the goddess became more perfect and beautiful.

Chapter 10: Commemorate this journey

We brought back many different underwear from different places. In order to commemorate this journey, we made a special lace lace bed, and hung all the underwear bought on the journey on it. In this atmosphere, we together, we togetherLive happy and unforgettable times.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is not only synonymous with sexy and comfortable, but also allows people to immerse themselves in the magic of underwear and enjoy the sexy and romantic world.Underwear can bring a fresh and creative experience, and it can also bring happiness and good feelings.This is a mysterious and enviable field that makes people continue to explore and discover.

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