Ten yuan sex lingerie to payment

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy and soft underwear. It is made of high -quality fabrics, which can help women highlight their body curve and enhance self -confidence.They usually include underwear, bras, stockings and other small jewelry.

Why choose ten yuan sex lingerie to pay?

Ten yuan sex lingerie is a convenient and safe way to pay.You don’t need to pay any fees when placing an order, you only need to pay the courier fee when signing the product.In this way, you can first check the quality, size and style of the product, and then decide whether to buy it.

How to clean erotic underwear

Interest underwear needs to be cleaned more detailed, and do not use the washing machine for cleaning.It is best to wash your hands, use natural soap or special sexy underwear washing agent, and the water temperature is controlled below 30 ° C.Do not twist or stir after washing, just dry it in a cool and ventilated place.You can use white vinegar or bleaching water to remove stubborn stains, but do not use too much.

How to choose the right sexy underwear size?

There will be some differences in the size of different brands, so you should check the brand size table when buying, and choose the size suitable for you according to your actual situation.At the same time, you should also consider whether the sexy underwear you buy is elastic. If so, please select the right product according to your actual size.

How to wear sex underwear?

The way of sexy underwear is more flexible, you can choose different styles according to your preference.The important thing is that if you choose to wear a bra, make sure that the inner core of the bra is on its own breasts, rather than in other parts of the body, which will have a negative impact on your health.

Selection of sexy underwear style

There are many styles of sexy underwear, including sexy, cute, seductive, European and American, Korean, etc. You can choose different styles according to different occasions, your own personality and beliefs.

What is suitable for sex underwear?

Interesting underwear is suitable for many different occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Glowing Nights of the Paris Tower, hotels, dance clubs, cosmetics exhibitions, role -playing parties, art photos, etc.

The price range of sexy underwear

The price of different brands, materials and styles is very different, and some only need tens of yuan, while others need thousands of yuan or higher.It is usually recommended to choose a moderate price range to ensure the quality of the product and not spend excessive spending.

Sare for sex underwear

Interest underwear needs to be stored in dry and ventilated places. It is recommended to use special bags or woodwoods for packaging, so as to avoid the breeding of stains and bacteria.Avoid overlapping, suspended or flattened.It is recommended not to store in a particularly sultry or humid environment.


Sexy underwear is a way for women to show their beauty and sexy. Choose elements that suits themselves product style, size, brand shape and price elements to evoke their inner self -confidence and self -satisfaction.At the same time, pay attention to details in cleaning, wearing, and storage to ensure the quality, service life and performance of the product.

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