The feeling of sexy underwear vibration stick

What is a sexy underwear vibration stick?

The sexy underwear vibration rod is a toy with a vibration device and a rechargeable battery, which can be used as masturbation or use with partners.The vibration rod can be used as a type of sexy underwear. By adjusting the strength, frequency, and rhythm of the vibration, it improves sexual experience.

The quality of the vibration stick

Like other types of erotic underwear, the vibration rod can be made of various materials, including silicone, rubber, plastic, glass or metal.But pay attention to choose high -quality products to ensure safety and health.It is recommended to buy certified brands, such as Lelo, Fun Factory, We-VIBE and so on.

how to use

Before use, be sure to read and understand the instruction manual to ensure correct use and maintenance.Under normal circumstances, you need to use a lubricant and put the vibration rod in the inside or outside of the body for the best results.


The sexy underwear vibration rod can bring a variety of benefits, the most significant thing is to improve sexual stimuli and pleasure.It also promotes sexual health, can help relieve stress, change sexual habits, and improve physical health.


The types of sexy underwear vibration rods are very rich, including a variety of different options such as size, shape, and material.If there is a demand, you can choose an external stimulus type, internal stimulus type, and segmented vibration type to meet different needs.In addition, there are types of sound control vibration rods and APP control vibration rods.

Suitable for who uses

The sexy underwear vibration rod is suitable for single people, husband and wife, homosexual and heterosexual.For those who want to improve sexual experience, it is an interesting, exciting and secure choice.

Maintenance and cleanliness

Correct cleaning and maintenance are the key to maintaining the safety, hygiene and long life of sexy underwear.A single product may be different, so please read the instructions carefully and clean according to specific instructions.

Physical response

The vibration rod can improve sexual stimulation, but not everyone will have the same reaction.Some people may not be able to withstand too high strength, and some people need more stimuli to reach orgasm.Therefore, please gradually increase the strength and frequency of the vibration rod according to your physical response.

be safe

The vibration rod can bring a lot of fun to sexual life, but it also needs to be used with caution.Do not share it with others to avoid infection.At the same time, ensure that the battery charger has no short circuit and a large amount of current flow.If you find that the vibration rod is damaged, deformed, or odor, please do not use it.

in conclusion

Sex underwear vibration sticks are interesting, exciting and secure choices that can enhance sexual experience.Choose the right product, read the instructions carefully, and pay attention to safety and hygiene issues, so that you can enjoy a better sexual life.

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