The first time I watched my girlfriend wearing fun underwear

When you meet at first glance, your heart is excited

After a few months of dating, my girlfriend and I decided to understand each other more deeply.One night, she came to my apartment, we had dinner together, and then watched TV in the living room.Suddenly, she told me that she had an idea …

The surprise of his girlfriend is hidden in the underwear drawer

My girlfriend told me that she wore a set of erotic underwear and hid it in my underwear drawer.I feel novel and excited about this idea, but I am slightly nervous.This is the first time I have seen my girlfriend wearing fun underwear. I don’t know how I should react.

Exploring, exploring, feeling sexy underwear

When we walked into the bedroom, my girlfriend said, "Wait a minute, close our eyes first."I closed my eyes and felt the sound and footsteps of her leaving and returning to the room.I felt her close to me, and my heartbeat accelerated.She said, "Okay, you can open your eyes."I saw her wearing a set of black erotic underwear, and her joy, surprise, and nervousness spread quickly.

Girlfriend is beautiful, sexy underwear is beautiful

I can’t help but hold my breath because I see a beautiful and moving woman.My girlfriend is wearing a tight bra and shorts, creating along the body lines, and at the same time, she uses lace and net eye to make eye -catching visual effects.After girlfriend put on sexy underwear, she seemed to add a charm and temptation to her figure. I never saw her before.

The details of the erotic underwear make me unable to move off my eyes

I saw the specially designed chain of the underwear on her waist, sexy shoulder straps, and the perfect fusion of lace and mesh eyes.I kept staring at her body and stared at the lace behind the traction. The gradually expanded mesh eyes made people easily attract attention.

Communicate, share feelings

After watching her interesting underwear, I couldn’t help but be convinced.Not only I think she is charming, but her confidence and relaxation also conveyed to me at once.We exchanged the design, use, choice, and feelings of sexy underwear.I hugged my girlfriend and felt that she opened my heart to me, and the feeling made me feel very precious.

The value of sexy underwear is much higher than material value

I think the value of sexy underwear far exceeds its surface material value.The combination of sexy underwear and women’s body makes women feel more imaginative and magical, making men feel more attractive and confident.Interest underwear is a kind of belief and attitude, a kind of care and gift, and a way to build a deeper relationship.

The choice of sexy underwear should be based on personal preferences and needs

Interest underwear has a variety of styles and shapes, such as lace, mesh, ultra -thin fabrics, vests and deep V -neck.Choosing sex underwear depends on the individual’s preferences and needs.Women can choose underwear that meets their physical needs, and men can choose sexy underwear suitable for their aesthetic style.

Common materials for sex underwear, breathability and comfort are the primary requirements

Sex underwear is usually made of lace, mesh, and ultra -thin fabrics.When buying sexy underwear, breathability and comfort are the requirements of the first consideration.Interest underwear needs to be worn and used for a long time. If the quality is low, it may cause problems such as skin allergies and discomfort.

For sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to how to match and maintain

Women need to pay attention to how to match their coats when wearing sex underwear.Some erotic underwear can be worn directly outside, and some need to cooperate with a coat.Men need to choose a sexy underwear that suits them and the occasion.

In terms of maintenance, sexy underwear needs to pay attention to the washing method and material characteristics.If the wrong laundry method is used, it may cause sexual underwear to be damaged or degenerate.

Feeling and experience is the essence of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a product, but also a reflection of lifestyle and personality.Feeling and experience is the breakthrough of the essence of sexy underwear, and it is also the understanding and communication between individuals and others.Reasonable sexy underwear can increase personal charm and confidence, and increase satisfaction and happiness between sexes.

Farewell, but left a deep impression

When my girlfriend walked out of my house, my weakness and comfort came.We saw her wearing a fun underwear tonight, and quickly brought closer to the degree of connection and intimacy between us.I left my drawer, but the sexy underwear coexist in my girlfriend’s beautiful and confident body.

I believe that sex underwear is not only a product, but also a symbol of attention and trust.

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