The first time passing love lingerie

How to welcome the first passing affection?This problem may be confused about many women.Sex underwear can give people a special enjoyment, but how to choose and ensure the appropriate size, style and quality?Let’s solve this problem step by step.

Choose the correct size

First of all, it is important to understand your body size.Size is an important criterion for evaluating sexy underwear suitable for body size.If the size is too small, it will not only cause discomfort, but also affect health.Therefore, it is important to choose a size suitable for your body.

Consider the curve of the body

Body curve is another important factor in choosing sexy underwear.Different body curves need different sexy lingerie styles.For example, if you have a plump chest, try a suitable corset with suitable styles; if your curve is not enough, then selective tight underwear may be more suitable.


Sex underwear has a variety of different styles.Some people like simple styles, while others like more complicated styles.Here, it is recommended to choose a design suitable for your personality, so that you can feel confident and sexy.

Select the fabric that suits you

The fabric of sexy underwear is also a key factor in the choice.Different fabrics give people a different experience.For example, artificial fiber fabrics may be more suitable for people with more sensitive skin, and cotton fabrics are more suitable for those who choose specific preferences.


It is important to choose high -quality sexy underwear.Low -quality erotic underwear not only feel bad, but also risky in terms of health issues.Therefore, even if the price is higher, you must choose high -quality sexy underwear.

Color and pattern

Colors and patterns are also factors that need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Colors and patterns can express your personality and make you more confident.It is recommended to choose the color and pattern suitable for your skin tone and temperament, so that you can better show your charm.


When choosing sexy underwear, comfort is also an important factor that needs to be considered.High -quality sexy underwear is made of soft materials and has a high degree of fit, allowing you to feel the best experience.

First use

It may take some time to adapt to the first use of sexy underwear.Before trying, it is recommended to read the product description carefully to ensure the correct wear and use.In addition, spend some time to adapt and adjust, so that you can enjoy the fun of sexy underwear.


When choosing sexy underwear, there are many factors that need to be considered, including size, body curve, style design, fabric, quality, color and pattern and comfort.When buying sexy underwear, remember to choose a product that suits you, and read the product description and take time to adapt and adjust.Only in this way can you truly enjoy the fun of sexy underwear.

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