The God of Fairy underwear bought by a certain treasure

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As a sexy underwear expert, I know it is important to buy a set of sexy underwear.When buying a sexy underwear in a certain treasure, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose a well -represented shop;

Check the product description and user evaluation carefully;

Understand the size and material;

Confirm the payment and delivery method.

How to solve the size problem

When many buyers buy sexy underwear on a treasure, one of the most important issues is the size of the size.First of all, you need to confirm your specific size, including bust, waist, hips, and then check the size table provided by the store, and choose according to your specific situation.If you are still worried that the size is inappropriate, you can ask the store if you provide a return and exchange service.

Whether the material is too irritating to the skin

The sexy lingerie on a certain treasure is very different. Some female buyers may worry that the material is too stimulating to stimulate the skin and cause allergic reactions.A small tip can be provided here. You can do a little puppet test water at the part that is not easy to detect or get rid of the underwear: for example, apply a small amount of ointment at the edge of the underwear or bra’s shoulder strap to observe whether an allergic reaction occurs for several hours.Without any discomfort, you can consider wearing sexy underwear.

How to clean it after delivery

There are many types of sexy underwear on a certain treasure, and some styles are relatively complicated. Many women face cleaning problems after buying home.If there is no clear label in the sexy underwear, you can refer to conventional underwear cleaning, use mild detergent, do not use bleach or powerful detergent to avoid the deformation or damage of sexy underwear.

For example, explain the matching method of sexual erotic lingerie

Sexual feelings are rich in types of underwear. In addition to choosing a style that suits you, you also need to consider matching problems.For example: If you choose a black backy sexy underwear, you can match the silk black robe, cool summer, a hint of coolness, making your sexy more high -profile.

Sex feelings Fun underwear wearing skills

Sexual feelings are very important to wear skills. Without wearing skills, no matter how good -looking sexy lingerie will lose sexy feelings.The following suggestions need to be paid attention to:

Select the right time and occasion to wear;

Pay attention to the color of the skin;

Smile, show a self -confidence attitude.

Features of European and American sexy underwear

European and American sex lingerie can not only show the noble and elegant temperament of women, but also show women’s unique charm and sexy.They are usually fashionable and sophisticated.Common styles include the same color, different color of the same color, and cultural rock models, etc., which are different.

About adult erotic sheet

Adults’ sexy underwear is mostly sexy, more bold and wild, pioneering, and more color and pure.It is usually accompanied by the jokes, laughter and wildness of sex, which is very suitable for passion -filled occasions, adult parties, etc.At the same time, if you buy adult sexy underwear for business occasions or display purposes, you need to consider market acceptance and cater to the cultural tradition of the area.

About Beauty Sex Plasma

Many people mistakenly think that the beauty of the beauty underwear is only suitable for some people with relatively good figures.In fact, as a kind of sexy underwear, they are also suitable for women with various body shapes, temperament and hairstyles.The difference is that wearing different beauty lingerie will make women present different styles, exuding self -confidence and charm from the inside to the outside.

How to match European and American sexy underwear

European and American sex lingerie is unique and fashionable.How to match it is more appropriate?Some suggestions are provided here:

The dark style is suitable for matching with bright colors;

Patters and patterns rich in sexy underwear, which is most suitable for solid clothes;

You can choose to contrast the color or the same color retro pendant and wide belt.

Precautions for sexy underwear

You also need to pay attention to some issues when wearing sexual relationship:

The size is suitable, and it will not be restrained when wearing it;

If there are hardware, such as steel buckle and buckle, consider the problem of stimulation caused by the skin;

Don’t wear it for a long time, and pay attention to cleaning and disinfection.

Finally, choosing sexy underwear needs to pay attention to the balance between quality and price, not only to pursue sexy matching, but also pay attention to the health of sexy underwear.I hope my suggestions can help women who are purchasing sexy underwear.

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