The landlord wants to wear fun underwear to do it

The landlord wants to wear fun underwear to do it

Recently, a tenant reported to us that her landlord wanted to wear sexy underwear to engage in her.How should we deal with this situation?

1. Collect evidence carefully

First of all, if you feel that you are sexually harassed, you must properly retain all evidence.Including but not limited to chat history, landlord’s identity certificate, and housing lease contract.

2. Call the police to the local police station

As an individual, it is often difficult for us to deal with various disputes.Therefore, alarm to the local police station may be a wise choice.When calling the police, all evidence and details should be provided as much as possible so that the police can better help the police investigate and deal with the matter.

3. Find the relevant contract for renting a house

If the dispute is required to handle the legal procedure, you will need to find the relevant contract for renting a house.This will help you determine your rights and obligations, and the responsibility of the landlord.

4. Publicly disclose this

If you feel that you are sexually harassed, you can choose to disclose it publicly.This may affect the image of the landlord’s image and house rental business, and it may also cause more people to propose similar allegations.

5. Consider moving away from the house

If you feel that you are threatened by security, you can consider moving away from the house.You can negotiate with the landlord to terminate the contract, or seek legal aid if necessary.

6. Seeking assistance

If you feel difficult to cope with this situation, please seek assistance.You can help local women’s assistance organizations and sexual harassment assistance hotlines.

7. Firmly safeguard your rights

When dealing with this situation, the most important thing is to firmly safeguard your rights.Don’t be afraid of the threat and intimidation of others, even if you are the party for renting a house.

8. Packing

In the case of similar situations, dressing is also very important.Try to wear conservative clothes as much as possible, don’t wear too much exposure to prevent the landlord’s improper behavior.

9. Try to avoid getting along alone

When dealing with similar situations, try to avoid getting along alone.You can invite friends or other tenants to go out or move in public areas.

10. Keep my suggestion in mind

Finally, keep in mind my suggestion, don’t believe others easily, but don’t be too precautious.To treat similar situations, appropriate methods and measures need to be taken to safeguard your rights and interests.

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