The man gives his wife’s sister for sexy underwear

The man gives his wife’s sister for sexy underwear

Recently, a man sent a message to his wife’s sister’s sister’s sister -in -law.Is this appropriate?This problem has caused a lot of controversy, and this article will be discussed from multiple perspectives.


First of all, from the perspective of moral ethics, men do a bit wrong.No matter what he intends to send, his wife’s sister is still her own relative, and the information reflected in her affectionate underwear may make her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Family relationship, interpersonal relationship

In addition, men’s behavior may also affect the family relationship and interpersonal relationship between his and his wife’s sister.If she is unhappy about this gift, she may have a negative impact on his future getting along.

cultural background

From the perspective of cultural background, sending sex underwear may be unpopular in certain cultures.In some countries, sex culture is still a sensitive topic, and some people think that this behavior is easily misunderstood or produced unnecessary misunderstandings.

Personal preference

Of course, in some cases, sexy underwear may be regarded as a gift, especially for those who have a good understanding of each other and have close partners.But this should be cautious when personal preferences and cultural differences.

Communication and understanding

In addition, if a man wants to give his wife’s sister -in -law, communication and understanding are very important.First of all, he should communicate with his wife to ensure that this gift will not cause any misunderstanding or discomfort.Secondly, he can try to understand the attitude of his wife’s sister to such gifts.If she has any discomfort, or she thinks that this gift is not appropriate, then the man should respect her opinion.

Gift selection

Perhaps, if a man really wants to send a sister’s sister a gift, then choosing some more ordinary but valuable items may be more appropriate.For example, a good book, an exquisite jewelry or a ticket may be a good choice.


Before giving gifts, people should also consider the purpose of a gift.For the sister who gives to his wife, sexy underwear has a certain sexual meaning. A more common gift may not cause misunderstandings or cause unnecessary trouble.

Value of gifts

Finally, people should consider the value of a gift.Interest underwear may be very expensive, and the price of more traditional or ordinary gifts is higher.When choosing a gift, you should consider the budget and value, and what kind of atmosphere of the gift will emit.

in conclusion

In short, men’s behavior of sending sex underwear to his wife’s sister may be questioned from different angles.Gifts sometimes need to be cautious, and should be determined according to the situation and context.In this case, it is recommended that a man respects his wife’s sister’s thoughts, considers a common gift, and communicates and understands with his wife’s wife to avoid any embarrassment or misunderstanding.

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