The most expensive sexy underwear in the world

Guide: The price and value of sexy underwear

The biggest difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear is that they are unique in design, revealing sexy and suggestions. Usually, higher -grade fabrics and more complex and fine embroidery techniques, which also leads to the price of sexy underwear is generally several times higher than that of ordinary underwear, evenThousands or even tens of thousands.So, what is the most expensive erotic underwear in the world, is it really worth that price?

1: Victoria’s Secret Angels debuted on underwear suits

Victoria’s Secret Angel appear in the underwear suit is undoubtedly one of the most expensive sexy underwear in the world. It is decorated with 26 diamonds, 114 sapphires, and more than 4,000 other gems, with a price of up to 15 million US dollars.Each angel appears in the underwear suit for hundreds of workers for several months to build, and its fineness is self -evident.However, for ordinary people, these are too luxurious and unrealistic.

Paragraph 2: Supermodel pirate godfather underwear

Roberto Kavali, a well -known designer of Buenos Aires, was the first supermodel pirate godfather underwear in 2006, which was the most expensive sexy underwear in the world at the time, selling more than $ 2.6 million.The underwear is designed by golden embroidery flowers, inlaid with granite and sapphire. It is a masterpiece that integrates art, innovation and technology.

Third paragraph: Rigby & Peller’s devil underwear

The world -renowned British underwear brand Rigby & Peller made a exquisite erotic underwear worth more than $ 150,000 in 2004 and was named "Demon Underwear".The underwear is composed of white embroidery and Swarovski crystal beads, creating the image of the witch, which is full of vivid and spicy charm.

Fourth paragraph: latex and gold underwear

British high -grade underwear manufacturer and designer Jon Nathan Saton Minsna made a $ 5 million underwear with latex.Not only that, the underwear is also dotted with 18K gold and more than 1,500 black gems, diamonds and other gems, full of the royal family.The design purpose of this underwear is to create a temperament of "shouting out of wealth and power".

Fifth paragraph: noble Donald princess underwear

The Donald Kingdom Princess underwear series designed by Italian high -end underwear brand La Perla is a sexy underwear with the theme of Princess Disney.Among them, princess Jon underwear is the most expensive at a price of 48,000 US dollars.This purple underwear is dotted with gold embroidery and fur decoration, showing the feeling of richness and value.

Sixth paragraph: Jean-Paul Gaultier’s pearl underwear

French fashion brand Jean-Paul GAULTIER designed for La Perla’s $ 15,000 sexy underwear. The front is decorated with pearl lace, and the center of the cup is inlaid with pure and indifferent pearls.This underwear is also known as "the best pearl bra in the world".

Paragraph 7: Swiss white pure gold underwear

Swiss jewelry merchant Wolf & Vitalia (Wolf & Vitalia) designed and produced by the two anniversary of its establishment is made of 18 carat white gold, with a price of 1.5 million US dollars.In addition to 1,300 exquisite diamonds, the golden lines of some underwear are also dotted with blue, pink or red gemstones to show luxury.

Paragraph 8: Gorgeous series wedding dress underwear

Gorgeous series is a wedding dress underwear launched by DEBENHAMS, a well -known British underwear manufacturer.Among them, the limited edition of the $ 50,000 Pound -style wedding underwear can be described as the leader.The jewelry on the chest of the underwear is like the queen’s decoration, inlaid with a large amount of jewelry and brown jade, symbolizing love, happiness and glory.

Nine: Indulge-ME-BRA

INDULGE-ME-BRA is a super precious bra designed by Mascia Mandolesi and sells for £ 50,000.It is solid and soft. It is made of a zipper made of live fish scales, and each layer is made of a different leather.This bra was hand -made by the fabricist and craftsman of Leghila Luxury, and its exquisiteness is self -evident.

Paragraph 10: Valentino’s purple embroidery bra

Valentino’s sexy underwear worth $ 12,000 for La Perla is composed of bras and perspective trousers decorated with purple lace embroidery decorations. It is known as one of the top series in La Perla.This bra has the details of purple lace and decorative diamonds, showing a breath of ideas, women’s sex, and vitality.

Conclusion: Price is important, and taste is more important

The most expensive erotic underwear in the world is undoubtedly very expensive, but they often represent the value of the exquisiteness of the design and the level of production technology.However, the price is not necessarily equal to taste. We should buy a unique but not exaggerated sexy underwear for ourselves, making ourselves feel comfortable, confident and happy.

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