The number of wearing a police officer’s sexy underwear


In modern times, sexy underwear has become a popular fashion element.However, different types of sexy lingerie styles are suitable for different occasions and different needs.In these different circumstances, many people seek a kind of sexy underwear to express their feelings, while presenting their unique style and personality.In this article, we will explore the number of the sexy underwear wearing a police officer, and how to choose the style and model that suits you.

Reference brand and style

When choosing a police officer’s erotic underwear, the brand is a very important factor.Some trustworthy brands, including Leg Avenue, Dreamgirl and Escante, they all produce some classic and high -quality police officers.These brands of designers also provide different styles and accessories for enthusiasts to meet various aesthetic standards.

Style and size

Police sexy underwear usually has two styles: one is the design of simulation uniforms, and the other is a style that is more sexy.The former usually includes a short skirt, a short -sleeved shirt, and a police hat; the latter covers different design elements, such as grids, hollow design and whip cables.In addition, the size of the police sex underwear also needs to pay attention to.Like other underwear, the size is indeed a very important consideration. If the size is too small, it will be uncomfortable, tight or exposed.

Color and material selection

When choosing the color and material of the police’s sexy underwear, it is best to choose according to your skin color, figure and personal preference.Generally speaking, black, white, blue and red are the most popular color choices, but some brands will launch rose gold and silver as the main style.Regarding material selection, police sexy underwear manufacturers usually use wool, silk, or elastic fiber fabrics.If you have a special hobby of a certain material, you can choose from these options.

Selection of accessories with accessories

With some small accessories, it can increase the sexyness of your police sexy underwear and make you more comfortable.Some common accessories, such as alarm, handcuffs, pistols, etc. are very appropriate supplements.Most police officers are also equipped with iconic police caps, or gorgeous metal decoration and thick corset.

What occasionally applies

Police sex lingerie is most suitable for some gatherings or venues, such as nightclubs, makeup balls, Halloween, etc.This sexy lingerie style usually needs to wear it with some sexy lovers or other lovers, so it is recommended to consider and communicate with your companions in advance when wearing police affairs lingerie.

How to wear it correctly

There are some small details in the sexy underwear in the police. Here are some techniques and precautions.First of all, the police’s sexy underwear can be paired with transparent stockings or KISS Me beautiful legs.Secondly, if the hair is messy before wearing, you can repair your hair to make the whole person look more confident.Finally, when wearing a police officer’s sexy underwear, pay attention to the night or dim places at night, and try not to be exposed arbitrarily. After wearing it, female friends can match a pair of high heels to increase the visual effects and spiritual temperament.

The trick to interact with your partner

Some couples also wear police sexy underwear to increase their interaction during the interaction.At this time, you can try to put hand in handcuffs for the other party, and walk over with a baton to gradually increase the interesting interaction.For women, you can use flirting and details in front of your partner, including holding hands, hugs or kisses, thereby stimulating the senses of your and your partner.

Police sex lingerie price

The price of police sex lingerie varies from brand, materials and purchasing locations.Nevertheless, the price range of some trusted brands ranges from $ 20 to $ 80.If you want to find a good brand style with sufficient quality, it is a good choice to collect these fun clothing styles.

Police sex lingerie maintenance and cleaning

Like other underwear, the police sexy underwear needs to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.The best way is to wash or dry, use neutral detergents and water to avoid damaging the ingredients of the material due to the liquid with thick ingredients.In addition, the police’s sexy underwear is stored in a clean and breathable place, and protects them from multi -light sun and rays.


The beauty or handsome guy wearing a police officer looks so eye -catching, showing the in -depth thinking and excellent taste of the entire image.Wearing this sexy underwear is more like a role -playing rather than sexy velocity, which makes you and your partner intoxicated and achieve the ultimate communication between your body and soul.

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