The original god version of sexy underwear


The original god is a popular role -playing game, becoming the favorite, rich character illustrations and wonderful plots of many gamers, especially the visual charm of many women’s characters, naturally suitable for the design of sexy underwear.The original god -style erotic underwear has become a product looking for more and more buyers in sexy lingerie shops.

What are the styles of the original God’s sexy underwear?

The original gods of the original God include a complete surrounding underwear, lace underwear, tape underwear and hip underwear.Among these styles, sets of underwear are the most popular because they have similar appearances and have been worn by many character models, such as piano, Lisa, and Fishel.

The design characteristics of the original love underwear

Usually, the design of the original emotional sexy underwear is inspired by specific characters in the game.They usually include a bra, a pair of underwear, a belt, and a corset. The colors and styles are matched with the clothing of the character in the game.The elements of lace and lace often appear in most styles, adding some sexy atmosphere to it.

Lace original sexy underwear

In addition to becoming a original magic underwear, lace underwear is another common style of the original magic underwear.These underwear usually include lace corset and lace panties, as well as other small decorations, such as ribbons.These design aims to integrate the visual elements of the original god character into it, so that users can feel the charm in the game.

Tape -ray original sexy underwear

Tibetan erotic lingerie is a very popular product line, because they are very sexy and can highlight the curve of the body.The original god -style tape is a thin and wide sticker, which forms geometric patterns in the backbone, waist, chest, and back of the female body. These patterns usually depict the shape extracted from the character illustrations in the original god game.

Hip underwear

The buttocks sexy underwear is another choice for the original god -style sexy underwear. They are often regarded as extreme sexy products.They can be open crotch underwear, hip seductive underwear or hollow panties, etc. Its design is inspired by the role in the original god game.

The fabric selection of the original god sex underwear

The details determine the success or failure. For the original God’s sexy underwear, the choice of fabrics is also very important.Generally, the original love underwear is made of soft, comfortable polyester fibers and lace fabrics to ensure a comfortable and sexy feeling.In terms of the choice of fabrics, the soft touch is very critical, so high -quality fabrics are usually used.

How to choose the original erotic underwear?

When you are preparing to buy a sexy underwear of the original god style, you should first consider style and design.Is it similar to the character you like?Is it in line with your personal taste?Secondly, it is a size and style. You need to choose a suitable size and ensure the characteristics of your body.

How to maintain the original magic underwear?

In order to ensure that the original gods you buy have maintained a good state for a long time, you need to maintain reasonable maintenance.First of all, hand washing is inevitable, using neutral soap with soft cleaning effect.Secondly, scrub gently, don’t force it.Finally, avoid using dryers, sun exposure, heat water heating or chemical cleaning agent.


Choosing the original god -style sexy underwear is the best choice for consumers who pursue sexy.These clothes are both sexy and cute, suitable for all women.As long as you maintain the right selection, maintenance and attention, the original God’s sexy underwear can maintain a beautiful state for many years.

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