The proportion is not easy to wear sexy underwear

The proportion is not easy to wear sexy underwear

The proportion of each person’s body is unique. Some people’s upper body length, some people’s lower body length, and some people have the problem of small waist and thick legs, while some people are troublesome of thick thighs and large bodies.These problems have affected our dress choices, including sexy underwear.If you find that you are not wearing an interest underwear, perhaps because of the proportion, I will provide you with some suggestions.

1. Symmetric body

One body is relatively balanced on the upper and lower body ratio, that is, the symmetrical figure we often say.This kind of person with sexy underwear is relatively easy.However, even if it is symmetrical, there will be some small defects, such as the breast is not plump enough or a bit drooping, or the hips are too flat.For these small problems, you can choose the fullness of thick chicken heart pads or the design of the product itself.

2. Tall and tall figure

For people with tall figures, there is actually not much restrictions on dressing.High -heeled shoes can make you more charming, and many erotic underwear will also pay attention to the length of the hem, which can better coordinate the body proportion.The small figure needs to choose some products that are more suitable for your height, such as tops with deep waistlines, short skirts, underwear with gone waist, and so on.

3. The upper body body

For the upper body, you will encounter the problem that the top is too short and cannot be fully wrapped in the belly. At this time, you can choose some sexual emotional and sexy lingerie of the waist, which can give people a sense of curvic.Such as straps with waist underwear and high waist underwear.

4. The body with a length of the lower body

Compared to the length of the upper body, the lower body is another extreme. The pants are often loose, and it is difficult to pull the waistline unless you choose high waist pants.At this time, you can choose some sexy pajamas and sexual jumpsuits, with styles with legs and hips, which helps make the legs and waist lines look more beautiful.

5. Small waist thick legs and thighs thick figure

Small waist and thick legs and thighs are a problem that many women worry about.People with small waist thick legs need to choose some underwear and wide -leg pants with waist design to balance the proportion of waistline and lower body.People with thick thighs can choose some underwear close to flesh -colored underwear and bright colors, which visually shrink the thigh ratio and better shape the shape.

6. Upper body obese figure

People with obesity in the upper body may need to choose loose -style sexy underwear to better cover their own defects.Such as suspenders, lace tops, and so on.

7. Fine arm fat waist figure

Some people’s arms are very thin, and the waistline is thick. At this time, you can choose some products such as R Ding red color sexy underwear and skirts that should not be too tight, which can create a good visual effect and highlight your beauty.

8. Big chest big chest figure

People with large breasts and big breasts can choose some sexy underwear with chest groove lines, such as personal black stockings, vest courses, etc., which can coordinate the proportion of the body and make them more sexy and charming.

In general, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is important to understand your body proportion, so as to better choose a style that suits you.No matter what erotic underwear you wear, you must be confident, your beauty is the most important.

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