The sexy underwear bought by Pinduoduo was seen


In today’s society, sexy underwear has become an inseparable part of sex culture. Many people are willing to try a new experience in sex.Pinduoduo has become a good purchase channel, with affordable prices and reliable choices.However, the situation may become embarrassing once it is discovered by friends, family or strangers.

Don’t take off your jacket in public

Many people want to wear out to show off after buying sexy underwear, but forget to be in public.When you are with your friends, or go to the party, don’t take off your jacket casually to reveal sexy underwear.This will not only cause embarrassing scenes, but also may cause unnecessary trouble.

Don’t wear sexy underwear in the company

No matter how open and free the company’s culture is, don’t wear sexy underwear in the company.This is not only because sexy underwear is not suitable for the company’s environment, but also causes trouble to other colleagues.If you are really eager to wear fun underwear in the workplace, you can choose to hide under the normal underwear.

Touch to the sensitive zone

If you are wearing fun underwear, you must pay attention to touching the sensitive zone.The design of these sexy underwear is usually strange, and there may be many accessories.Make sure that each part is placed in the right position, otherwise it may cause serious damage.

Choose the right size

Interest underwear is not as easy to choose the size as ordinary underwear.Therefore, Purchasing A Properly Sized Lingerie is Vital for Comfortability and to Avoid Any PHYSICAL Injury. It is very Important to Carefully Your Body and Find The right fil. in case of any doubts, always go for a larger size.

Suitable occasion

Not all occasions are suitable for wearing fun underwear.They sometimes only apply to private places between two people, not large -scale gatherings.Make sure to wear sexy underwear in the correct environment to avoid any bad accidents.

Use a cleaner

Due to the uniqueness of the material and design of sexy underwear, cleaning can be a very difficult task.But this does not mean that you should not clean them.Choose the appropriate cleaner and follow the instructions given by any labels on the clothes to ensure that your underwear is maintained good hygiene and quality.

Breathability and comfort

Interest underwear is usually creative and design, but do not forget the breathability and comfort when buying such underwear.If the sexy underwear is uncomfortable or too cumbersome, it will not achieve the purpose of appreciating and enjoying the process of sex.It is most important to choose a beautiful and comfortable underwear.


Wearing a sexy underwear is a very interesting and exciting thing, but you need to ensure a clear and appropriate occasion before doing anything.Avoid making sexy underwear a bad experience, choose the appropriate sexy underwear, wear and maintain sexy underwear on appropriate occasions, you can find more fun in the sex experience.

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