The story of the same table lets me wear sexy underwear

Scene description

I still remember that at the time, Xiaofang and I at the same table were in class.I opened the magazine in the schoolbag, but I did not expect that the magazine just turned to the sexy underwear.

Sudden idea

Just then, Xiaofang suddenly said to me: "If you dare to wear this underwear to go out, I will pick you up at the entrance of the school."

Discussion discussion

I was curious, so I started discussing the type of sexy underwear with Xiaofang.From the beauty of the beauty of the beauty to the sexy lingerie, and to the European and American sex underwear, we all talk about it.Xiaofang also specifically recommended me the brands and styles she liked.

Doubt and rejection

Although Xiaofang warmly recommended some sexy underwear, I was still a little bit embarrassed.When I heard the table with Xiaofang, I laughed: "Do you really dare to think, dare to wear it?"

Choose to try

I was unwilling to show weakness, so I went to the sex underwear shop after school that day.I tried many styles, including leather materials and mesh materials, embroidered and lace, and very exaggerated and transparent styles.

Amazing response

The next day, I came directly to the classroom.At the same table and other classmates, I was shocked when I saw me.They couldn’t believe it, I really came out of the sexy underwear.


The classmates began to ask me what kind of underwear it was, and even whispered whether they would see through clothes.I feel a little embarrassed, but I still answered their questions frankly.

Don’t gain

Despite the curiosity of my classmates, I found the charm of sexy underwear.They can be regarded as a stylish combination, but also to increase interest, and they can also apply to different figures and preferences.Therefore, I became more open. Even without Xiaofang beside, I started wearing a sexy lingerie.

Conform to yourself

I have always felt that wearing sex underwear is a way to express myself.Although it may be called "criticism" and "accusations" by others, if you really feel confident and comfortable, then these sounds will not affect your beliefs.

Different personality

Everyone has their own preferences and values, so what kind of underwear to wear depends entirely on personal choices.I think that for those who think that sexy underwear is "abnormal", they need to know that the significance of "abnormal" is different from the normal state, not errors or bad.


Therefore, what I want to say is that don’t limit yourself to a demented form and ideas. You must dare to try and explore more diversified and personalized lifestyles and dressing, including wearing fun underwear.Only in this way can we truly create their own unique life and value.

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