There are several types and picture types of sexy underwear

There are several types and picture types of sexy underwear

1. Ladies’ bra

Women’s bras are one of the main categories of sexy underwear.It includes triangular breasts, no trace bra, thickened bra, adjusting the bra.Triangular breasts are suitable for women with small chests. They are suitable for wearing thin clothes when they wear thin clothes. Thicked bras are suitable for women with small breasts to increase the plump chest. Adjusting the bras can adjust the shape and size of the chest and choose the style according to their needs.

2. Ladies underwear

Women’s underwear includes thongs, briefs, flat trousers, buttocks thick pants.Through pants are sexy, suitable for sex occasions, briefs are suitable for wearing when moving, flat -angle pants are suitable for wearing skirts, and hip thick pants can improve lower body lines.

3. Men’s underwear

Men’s panties include flat trousers, briefs, leggings, T pants, etc.Flat trousers and briefs are the most common. Tight pants are suitable for wearing sports supplies. T pants are suitable for home clothing or outdoor sports.

4. Interest stockings

Stockings in sexy underwear are important equipment to add femininity.It includes net socks, lace stockings, conjoined socks.Choose different stockings style according to the occasion and needs.

5. Sexy dresses

Sexy dresses also occupy a certain share in sexy underwear.Including off -the -shoulder dress, hollow dress, perspective dress, etc.Pay attention to your physical conditions and occasions when wearing.

6. Adult Jet Set

There are three common sets, four -piece, five -piece set, etc. adult gear sets.The set is adult appliances, including massage sticks, sexy jumping eggs, airplane cups, etc.Please pay attention to hygiene when using, and choose the set of regular brands at the same time.

7. Fun pajamas

Pajamas in sexy underwear are generally used with sexy materials, including lace pajamas, real silk pajamas, mesh pajamas.Pay attention to maintaining physical health and controlling the occasions when wearing.

8. Eye mask/mask

The use of eye masks and masks is very common in sex.Eye masks can increase irritation and mystery, and masks can achieve the effect of banning.Note that when choosing, we must communicate the needs of both parties and ensure their safety and health.

9. Py whip/sm supplies

Piring whip and SM supplies are more extreme in sexy underwear.If you use it, you need to fully understand and communicate the needs and boundaries of both parties to ensure safety and health.

10. Makeup

Makeup also plays a certain role in sexy underwear.The use of makeup can increase the charming and charm of women, including lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, etc.Pay attention to the needs of the occasion and your own image when using.


There are many types of sexy underwear. You need to choose suitable styles and brands according to your needs and physical conditions. At the same time, you must pay attention to correctly wear and hygiene to ensure your health and safety.

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