There is fun underwear in that TV series

In recent years of TV series, sexy underwear, as a sexy and unique clothing, has gradually attracted the attention of the audience.It has become a popular trend of modern women and is used to enhance its sexy charm.In this article, we will introduce the plot of interesting underwear in which TV series.

1. "Descendants of the Sun"

In this popular Korean drama, a female doctor played by the heroine Song Hye Kyo gave her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, a pink sexy underwear appeared.This scene is full of romance and sexy.

2. "Wife’s Romantic Travel"

This is a reality show, and each female guest has prepared a set of sexy underwear for the travel to stun her husband.Whether it is a black temptation or a red sexy model, it shows the sexy charm of women.

3. "Happiness must be strong"

In this TV series, the heroine wore a set of black lace sexy underwear in Europe and the United States, showing her confidence and independence with herself.This scene is well explained to women’s attitude towards sexy underwear.

4. "Qingyu Years"

In this costume drama, the heroine has a dreamy wedding. In this wedding, she wore a white cheongsam sexy underwear to show the perfect combination of elegance and sexy.

5. "Daming Fenghua"

In this palace fighting drama, the heroine is a palace girl. Although she is wearing simple, she has attracted the attention of the emperor because she wears a colorful red sexy underwear, showing the sexy charm of the sexy underwear.

6. "Yu Crime"

In this police bandit drama, the heroine wore a set of black sexy underwear in the dream of the actor, full of mystery.Her sexy temptation has stimulated the curiosity of the actor and increased the development of the plot.

7. "Holmes"

In this detective drama, the heroine launched a survey wearing a red sexy underwear to arrest the criminals one by one.Interest underwear has become a tool for her investigation and enhances the fun of the plot.

8. "Negotiator"

In this legal drama, the heroine needs to achieve a sexy effect because of the task of playing a betrayer. She chose to wear a set of black erotic underwear, wisdom and sexy coexisting, and successfully solved the problem.

9. "Love Apartment"

In this scenario comedy, Hu Yifei, one of the female characters, appeared in front of the actor in a red lace sexy underwear, inadvertently showing the sexy charm of the sexy underwear, and triggered a series of jokes.

10. "Space Master"

In this science fiction drama, the heroine is wearing a white sexy underwear. The audience can clearly see her graceful figure and sexy lines, which increases the color of the plot.

Viewpoint: Whether in TV series or real life, sexy underwear has become the popular fashion of modern women.As a sexy and unique accessory, it can increase the charm of women and show women’s confidence and independence.However, when wearing sexy underwear, women also need to pay attention to the appropriateness of the occasion, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

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