Three erotic underwear

Three most popular sexy lingerie styles

Interest underwear is a unique way that allows women to show their charm and sexy, and it can also be used to ignite the enthusiasm between lover.In the market, there are many different sexy underwear styles, but there are three most popular sexy underwear.Next, let’s introduce these three sexy underwear to make you more handy when choosing.

1. Lace erotic underwear

Lace is a classic sexy lingerie fabric. It is light and soft, breathable, and light texture.Therefore, lace sexy underwear is often regarded as one of the most sexy ways to show women.

A major feature of lace sexy underwear is charming and romantic, especially when your skin penetrates lace, it deepen the reveries of others.The design on its chest is often V -shaped or U -shaped shape, which is easy to show the sexy of women’s breasts, but it will not seem too dominant.Of course, lace sexy underwear is also very suitable for holding hands, hugs, etc.

Second, hollowing fun underwear

The design of the hollow underwear is very novel, and it fully shows the beauty of female skin.The hollow design uses small carved flowers, lace, mesh and other cutting hollow methods, forming a special geometric shape between the eyes of the mesh.When they are in contact with the skin, they look more sexy and charming against the backdrop of carving and net yarn, making people shine.

Hapginity underwear usually has a fabric that is darker before the brightness, making the underwear look more elusive, which greatly increases the mystery of women.In addition, most of its design uses personalization, so that women can stand out from many people and become the focus of attention.

Third, leather sex lingerie

If you want a more sexy and intimate feeling, then leather sex lingerie may be what you need.Its material is usually woven from different textures and colors, which is especially suitable for people who seek stimulation and explore new things.The texture of leather sex lingerie is reminiscent of wild, sexy, rough, and is very suitable for wearing high -intensity sex.

However, leather erotic underwear also needs to wear cautiously.If its quality is not good, the size is inappropriate, or the woman itself does not like it, then this sexy feeling will be greatly reduced, and it will even make women feel caught off guard and ashamed.Therefore, when choosing leather sex underwear, you must consider it carefully.


The above are the three most popular sexy underwear.Of course, each sexy underwear has its own charm and characteristics. The key is the style and scene you want to show.For the choice of sexy underwear, women should first determine based on their spleen, temperament, and physical conditions.Because a person’s dressing style can show a person’s own taste and value, it is recommended to analyze and choose carefully when choosing sexy underwear.

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